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Arthritis is one of the most commonly occurring medical conditions in the bones and joints of the body. A large number of individuals irrespective of the gender and age are suffering from arthritis. This has led to the increased worry regarding this bone related disorder. Here, you will get to learn various aspects of arthritis including causes, risks, types as well as treatment of different types of arthritis.


Risk of arthritis:


If you are thinking that whether you can attract arthritis, then you need to know the various risk factors of arthritis and keep yourself away from these hazardous factors.


  1. Risk of arthritis grows with age. Young adults till elderly citizens are the group with high risk of arthritis.
  2. Women are more prone to arthritis. Men are more prone to gout.
  3. Certain types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematous (SLE) occur due to genetic presence or defects.
  4. Overweight in individuals bring them into a state of being detected with arthritis. This risk factor is a reversible one. Therefore, timely monitoring and implementation of right steps will ensure weight loss and reduction of chances of having arthritis.
  5. Joint injuries make the individual more prone to arthritis. So, you need to be careful if you have suffered any joint injuries.


Types of arthritis:


In today’s time, there are various types of arthritis depending on the cause and location of arthritis. Here are the common types of arthritis.


  1. Osteoarthritis: In this type of arthritis, there is wear and tear effect when the joints are overused. This happens in the later stages of life. It can happen due to excessive weight or history of joint injuries. The cartilages present between the joints are most affected here. Pain during walking, morning stiffness as well as painful stiffness are the commonly seen symptoms in osteoarthritis.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis: This is one of the most common type of arthritis which occurs in women in the recent years. It is an autoimmune type of disorder which usually targets women who above the age of 40. It has got certain unique features like symmetrical effect on the body parts as well as morning sickness. One of the commonly seen symptoms include pain in more than one joint of the body.
  3. Psoriatic arthritis: Psoriatic arthritis occurs in combination with a type of skin disorder. In this type of arthritis, the patient has any type of skin disorder along with the prominent symptoms of arthritis. The skin disorder commences first in the patient which is later followed by the psoriatic arthritis. Inflammation of the related are on the skin along with the pain in the joints are seen together in this type.
  4. Gout: -Gout commonly occurs in the males above the age of 40 years of age. There is increased amount of uric acid in the body of the patient due to drugs or stress. The symptoms of gut can be seen in males, mainly affecting the big toe finger. There is intense pain in this finger. You need to know that the pain and discomfort can last for 3-10 days period. The increased amount of uric acid has a negative impact on the health of the kidneys and joints as well.
  5. Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE): Systemic Lupus Erythematous is commonly found in the women of age range 20-35 years of age. This type targets the women who are in their child bearing period of life. There is intense pain in the joints, swollen fingers and toes, headaches as well as rashes known as ‘butterfly rashes’ which occur on the cheeks of the patients. A major feature of SLE is it’s effect on the brain of the patient.


Treatment of arthritis:


The treatment of arthritis varies with the type of arthritis and it’s causes. Here are some of the commonly utilized treatment solutions of arthritis.


  • Physical therapy is one of the most important and commonly utilized type of treatment for arthritis. It is always recommended that the individual starts with the light activities like walking under the guidance of physical therapist.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a preferred solution for the treatment of osteoarthritis especially for the knee problems. You can consult your respective doctor and understand the various treatment options which are suitable for your irrespective case.
  • Surgical repair is also utilized in some cases when above treatment options are not successful.


These are the some of the basic facts and information related to arthritis which will provide you assistance at the right time.


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