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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is one of the modern day medical procedures which has taken new heights of success in the field of organ transplantation. Hair transplant is the removal of hair follicles from the donor individual and placing them on the bald part of the body. Many of the individuals feel that the hair transplant procedures are not successful or safe in the long term. But in today’s time, hair transplant procedure provides the best results with respect to the hair growth as well as improvement of the appearance of the individual.


There are mainly two types of the hair transplant procedure depending on the time and efforts of the team of doctors invested concerning this procedure.


Strip Harvesting: This is a type of hair transplant procedure which takes place with the help of hair strips. The surgeon makes it a point to adopt for a hair strip which has an appreciable amount of growth. The donor area for this procedure can be the individual himself. It ensures that there are least chances of rejection or failure of the hair transplant. This procedure is less time to consume and cost-effective for the patients. The best part is that the patient can recover with a period of next few weeks. It is a preferred type of hair transplant procedure in the latest times.


Follicular Unit Extraction: As the name suggests, in this procedure the surgeon manually picks up the hair with the roots from the donor site. Then this is planted successfully at the targeted recipient site. This procedure is time-consuming to the delicate steps. Various latest technologies are now implemented in these procedures to ensure that the cons of this type of hair transplant procedure can be handled successfully.


The procedure of hair transplant procedure consists of a series of steps which are performed systematically to achieve the best and desired results.


— The donor hair follicles are prepared. The donor location is usually the back portion of the head.


— The donor area is trimmed with proper care.


— Local anesthesia is given to this area. It ensures that the individual has no discomfort or pain during the hair transplant procedure.


— The tissue which comprises of the hair follicles are removed tactfully from the donor site. Then the area is sutured correctly. The sutured areas get hidden under the already existing hair on the head.


— Hair grafts are then prepared under the guidance of the experts.


— The recipient area is prepared. One must note that the bald recipient site does not require any special preparation for the hair transplant procedure.


— The grafts are placed according to the requirement of the density of hair at the recipient locations.


— The incision marks and redness are reduced and invisible within a week’s period.


In this way, the hair transplant procedure is successfully carried out under the expertise of the hair transplant surgeons. In the recent times, some individuals especially men are developing consciousness concerning the growth of the hair on their head. It has made them search for the different fruitful options which will ensure that the individuals receive the right amount of hair on their head.


There are various guidelines which one needs to follow starting from the completion of the hair transplant procedure. Anagen effluvium is a procedure in which some of the transplanted hairs shed in the first few weeks of the completion of the hair transplant procedure. It is quite common, but some individuals consider it to be a side effect of this procedure. But you need to realize that this varies from one case to another. Therefore, one does not have to think a lot regarding this happening after the completion of the procedure. There will be a feeling of numbness and pain for first few days. But this will vanish on its own. When seen at an overall level, there is no significant side effect which will affect the individuals after the successful completion of the hair transplant procedure.


Therefore, it if you want to solve your problems of baldness or lack of hair just above the scalp hairline, then hair transplant procedures are one of the safest and result oriented options in the modern times.


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