Heart valve surgery

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Heart valve surgery


Our heart is one of the most crucial parts of the body. When the functioning of the heart is hampered, it poses a risk for the life of the respective individual. It leads to the requirement of treating the impairment of the heart at the right to save the individual from any severe consequences. Heart valve disease is a common disease which occurs in the heart. Heart valve surgery is the best and recommended treatment for the heart valve diseases. It is also known as heart valve repair and heart valve replacement. There are mainly four valves present in the heart namely, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, pulmonary valve and aortic valve.


Some of the valves at times do not open and close in the normal co-ordination with each other. It disrupts the blood flow to the heart. The suggestion and commencement of the treatment depend on the age, health, and condition of the valves in the heart of the patient.


Why is heart valve needed?


– Heart valve surgery is required in cases of individuals where there are symptoms of valve dysfunction.


-The doctor might first ask you to make specific changes in your lifestyle. If the efforts do not work, then you will be advised opting for heart valve surgery.


-If no changes are visible in the condition of the heart, then the doctor will finally recommend heart valve surgery.


What is done before the commencement of heart valve surgery?


-A week before the appointment date of the heart valve surgery, teeth cleaning of the patient is done.


-Also, the patient is asked to consult the doctor and get a series of tests done to check the overall health and heart status of the patient.


-Your doctor will prescribe you medications for the day of surgery as well as the preventive schedule for the surgery day.


-It is recommended not to eat a day before the day of surgery.


-You need to bring specific items with yourself when getting admitted to the hospital for the heart valve surgery. It includes eyeglasses, dentures or denture aids, personal care items, comfortable clothing, relaxing materials like music pods.


-You will also be asked to open and keep away jewelry, dentures, eyeglasses and contact lenses at the time of heart valve surgery.


Risks associated with heart valve surgery:


-Heart attack






-valve dysfunction in the replacement valve


-Irregular heart rhythm or arrhythmia




The procedure for heart valve surgery:


-Before starting with the heart valve surgery, blood tests, x-rays, and ultrasound are done with the patient.


-The patient and his family members sign up a consent form, and this ensures that there is sufficient transparency regarding the procedure of heart valve surgery.


-General anesthesia is given to the patient before starting the procedure.


-Incisions are made in the chest and breastbone. It helps the surgeon to access the heart from the right direction.


-The blood vessels of the heart are connected to the heart-lung bypass machine. It helps in continuing the heart’s function of pumping of blood throughout the body.


-Then the heart is stopped for the period of surgery. The heart-lung bypass machine is used during this period.


-In case of valve repair, surgeon cuts and removes the defective part of the valve. The remaining tissue is reshaped. The tissue of existing valve is patched.


-In case of valve replacement, the surgeon removes the damaged valve. A new valve like a biological one or mechanical one is sewn in the required area.


-The surgeon restarts the heart with electric shock at a minute level. The heart-lung machine is then removed.


-The patient is shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for next few days depending on the condition of the patient and type of valve surgery.


-The surgeon and team of doctors monitor the progress of the patient’s health. Then, accordingly, the patient is shifted to the normal ward of the patient.


You need to take proper care of your health after the completion of the heart valve surgery. It is essential that one picks up a healthy lifestyle with timely nutritious diet and exercise. Also, a patient must quit smoking and stay away from this habit as it can have a negative impact on the health and functioning of the heart. Thus, you need to keep care of yourself before and after of the heart valve surgery.

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