Joint Replacement

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Joint Replacement


Joint replacement is one of the in-demand medical procedures which is performed at an increasing rate in the recent times. Joint replacement is a medical procedure which involves replacement of the affected joints in the patient. The affected parts are removed and replaced with human-made structures. These structures function in the same way like that of the natural joints. It helps the individuals with weak or defective joints to have a peaceful life after the completion of the joint replacement surgery. The feeling of constant pain and discomfort is reduced to a great extent with the help of the joint replacement surgeries. The joints which usually require the replacement surgeries include knees, hips, fingers, elbows, ankles, and shoulders. The success rates of the joint replacement procedure have increased to an appreciable extent. It has also won the trust of a lot of individuals who want to improve the quality of their lives after they were detected with joint disorders. Some of the major causes which make the joint replacement surgeries necessary include prolonged use of the joints, diseases, and the most crucial reason is that of arthritis.


Initially, the doctor suggests opting for a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise. If the symptoms and pain associated with the respective joints do not subside with time, then joint replacement therapy is the only solution for permanent relief. Proper analysis of the joints is done before proceeding with the joint replacement procedure.


The procedure of the joint replacement surgery involves crucial steps which are carried out systematically for the timely success of the operation.


— The procedure takes few hours time depending on the joint. It is usually performed under the guidance of the experts at a hospital or surgery center.


— The surgery is started. The damaged cartilage and associated bone are removed. Then the particular area of the joint is replaced with a prosthesis. The prosthesis is usually made up of metal, ceramic or plastic. The type of the prosthesis utilized depends on the site of the joint replacement surgery.


— The prosthesis mimics the pattern of the removed joint part naturally. You will be able to see this in the radiographs after the completion of the surgery.


There are specific complications which are associated with the joint replacement therapy. Some of them include dislocation, loosening, blood clots, infections, nerve injury. In case of the knee and hip joint replacement surgeries, the chances of dislocation are quite common. The complications are handled with care with the help of the experts when the patient is kept under observation. In the recent times, with the increased utilization of the modern tools and techniques, the frequency of the complications have also reduced with time.


It is essential to make sure that the patient takes rest after the completion of the surgery. In case of the knee and hip joints, the patients are recommended to stay in the hospital or medical center itself. If the patient is an elderly individual, then the resting period is increased according to the opinions of the concerned doctors and surgeons involved with the respective case. It is always advised to get some amount of activity after the successful completion of the joint replacement procedure. The walks are usually allowed with the help of crutches. It helps the doctors to assess the condition of the patients after the surgeries. Some amount of pain is quite common due to the muscles getting adapted to the new surroundings in the respective area of the body. The body also adjusts to the new component within a few weeks to a month’s time.


Physical therapy is highly recommended for patients after their joint replacement surgeries. It ensures that the patients start using their respective body parts with confidence and adapt to the internal changes in their bodies. A physical therapist is the one who helps patients who have undergone joint replacement surgeries. In this way, the patients learn the necessary exercises which help them to use the joint replacement areas successfully.


Thus, joint replacement surgeries are much successful than the previous decades. In this way, joint replacement therapies provide the best results to the patients who are suffering from diseased or defected joints.

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