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Do you have adequate knowledge about Liver transplant surgery?


Liver transplant is a procedure in which the donor’s liver replaces the damaged liver of the recipient individual. It is usually advised to opt for a liver transplant surgery when no essential treatment or medication can revive the normal functioning of the liver.The liver transplant procedure is necessary for some instances. Biliary atresia is a common cause of the liver failure in children. It ultimately leads to the requirement of the liver transplant in such children. In this case, the bile ducts are usually underdeveloped. Such children develop jaundice of severe level which ultimately causes liver failure. In case of the adults, there are several causes which lead to malfunctioning or liver failure. It includes hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, sclerosing cholangitis as well as biliary cirrhosis. These are some of the cases which ultimately require the patient to undergo a liver transplant to sustain themselves for the rest of the lives.


There are different types of liver transplant. One must know that the utilization of a particular type of liver transplant depends on the liver condition of the patient as well as the expertise of the surgeon.


— Living donor transplant: An individual who is willing to donate a part of his liver is taken as a donor for this procedure. Either the left or the right lobe of the donor is considered. In case of the children, the left portion of the liver is preferred for the replacement procedure. The right lobe is considered in case of the adults. The donor’s liver is placed in the area of the damaged liver. The connection of the blood vessels is made with the newly placed liver in the patient. The best part is that the removed portion of the donor’s liver grows at a reasonable pace and the donor faces no hassles in the daily life.


— Orthotropic transplant: This is one of the most common types of liver transplants. In this type of liver transplant procedure, the donor’s liver is usually of a deceased individual who has legally signed to donate his liver after his death. It is made sure that the donor’s kidney is free of any disorders or cancerous conditions. The surgeon operates and replaces the healthy liver after the removal of the patient’s damaged organ. It is then followed by the creation of proper connectivity of the blood vessels from time to time. The patient is kept under observation and shifted to intensive care unit section of the particular hospital. This ensures that the doctors can monitor the patient and get to know any rejections in the body.


— Split type of liver transplant: This is an innovative type of liver transplant. In this type of the liver transplant, the donor’s liver is split and divided into two recipients. It ensures that two individuals are benefited with the donor’s liver. Usually, the ideal recipient choice for this type of liver transplant is an adult and child.  In this way, the right lobe which is the larger part of the liver is donated to the adult, and the left portion is donated to the child patient. In this way, the donor liver of the deceased individual is well utilized in both of the surgeries.


A patient has to pass through few stages before the completion of the liver transplant procedure.


— First of all, the patient undergoes specific tests which determine whether the patient is fit for the procedure.


— Then, the patient is added to the waiting list according to the results of the tests.


— Finally, once the individual passes both the stages, the patient undergoes the liver transplant procedure at the hospital.


The success rates of liver transplant procedures are much victorious in the latest times. This is because most of the hospitals are equipped with the latest techniques and provide the best liver transplant cost in India. It is essential to take proper care after the completion of the liver transplant procedure. One must make sure to consume immunosuppressants according to the prescription of the doctors. Regular checkups are a mandatory part of the health maintenance. Also, one must ensure that the positive lifestyle changes are implemented for the rest of the life. Thus, liver transplants help to provide the patients an improved version of their lives.

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