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     Global Hospital Hyderabad Health Check-up


Executive Health Check up
1. Complete blood picture
2. Fasting blood sugar
3. Lipid Profile :
a) Triglyceridesb) LDL
e) LDL/HDL ratiof) Cholestrol
4. Creatinine
5. Serum Calcium
6. Total Protein
7. Albumin
8. Alkaline Phosphates
9. Total Bilirubin
10. Albumin/Globulin ratio
11. SGOT
12. SGPT
13. HIV
14. HBsAg
15. Blood Grouping
16. Complete Urine Examination
17. Stool Routine Examination
18. X-Ray
19. Pulmonary Function Test
20. ECG
21. 2D Echo
22. Tread Mill Test
23. Ultrasound (Whole Abdomen)
24. Consultation with Physician, Cardiologist & Dentist
Total Package for above listed is USD 200/- in OP basis.