Gestational surrogacy: hope for the childless couples

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Raising kids will certainly give you immense pleasure and satisfaction, as nothing else can. But these days a plethora of couples are struggling with the sorrow of childlessness. The childless couples’ sadness and grief can now fully vanish, thanks to the gestational surrogacy arrangement. Gestational surrogacy is a common type of surrogacy in which the surrogate has no relation with the child she is carrying. This simple path to parenthood has helped umpteen childless couples and individuals to grow their families. Many hospitals are providing the best gestational surrogacy treatment in Ahmedabad to childless couples and individuals. You can get in touch with Livonta Global (a reputed medical tourism company) that is tied up with many well-known surrogacy clinics in Ahmedabad.

What is Gestational surrogacy?

In gestational surrogacy, the child doesn’t have any biological relation to the surrogate mother, who is often known as a gestational carrier. In this type of surrogacy, an embryo is created through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) using the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or donors. After that, it is transferred to the surrogate.

This form of surrogacy is known as host surrogacy or full surrogacy. In most cases, at least one intended parent is genetically related to the child, but the surrogate is not. That’s why gestational surrogacy is less legally intricate as compared to other forms of surrogacy.

Who is eligible for gestational surrogacy?

The following people might consider gestational surrogacy,

  • People who are suffering from infertility issues
  • Hopeful single parents not doing at WINGS
  • Same-sex couples not doing at WINGS
  • People who don’t prefer genetic link between the surrogate and their child
  • Anyone incapable to carry a pregnancy safely
  • Women with cardiovascular or renal diseases
  • Women older than 45 years
  • Women with an abnormality in the uterine lining,
  • Women who have had a hysterectomy

How does gestational surrogacy work?

When intended parents and surrogate mutually agreed to the contract, a fertility clinic used to handle the IVF and embryo transfer process. An embryo will be created and transferred to the surrogate using one of the following methods.

  • The eggs and sperm are collected from the intended parents. In this case, both intended parents are genetically related to their child
  • A donated egg fertilized with sperm from the intended father. In this case, the intended father will be genetically related to the child.
  • The intended mother’s egg fertilized with donor sperm. In this scenario, the intended mother will be genetically related to the child.
  • A donor embryo or an embryo created using donor eggs and donor sperm. In this situation, neither intended parent will be genetically related to the child.

From there, the surrogate usually carries the baby like a normal pregnancy. Once the baby is born, the intended parents can welcome their child and have full legal custody.

How is gestational surrogacy performed?

  • A proper surrogate is chosen and thoroughly screened for various diseases.
  • Then, one session with a psychologist is performed.
  • Consents are signed by all parties. This is the most important step in gestational surrogacy cases.
  • The patient is aroused with medications to develop multiple egg development.
  • The surrogate is advised to take some medications that suppress her menstrual cycle and stimulate the development of a receptive uterine lining.
  • When the patient’s follicles are mature, an egg retrieval procedure is performed to remove the eggs from her ovaries.
  • The eggs are then fertilized in the clinic with her partner’s sperm.
  • For 3 days, the embryos are developed. Then, an embryo transfer procedure is performed. In this procedure, the embryos are implanted in the surrogate’s uterus and this develops to result in a live birth.
  • Once the baby is born, he/she goes home from the hospital with the genetic parents.

The success rate of gestational surrogacy

The gestational surrogacy success rate is nearly 75%. Once the surrogate is pregnant, the success rate for a healthy birth is as high as 95%.

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