How does IVF surrogacy work?

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IVF surrogacy is an outstanding option for those parents who want to have their children but unable to conceive. Using surrogacy and IVF help you to get your baby, although the baby will be growing inside the healthy womb of an IVF surrogate mother. IVF surrogacy will be the perfect solution if you have tried a chunk of treatments to improve or heal your womb, but none of them gave you the desired results. But before going for an In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) combined with surrogacy, you should understand how the process works. You also need to understand that this choice comes with plenty of considerations.

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How does IVF surrogacy work?

IVF is a process where the fertilization of an egg is done in a laboratory setting, then it is transferred into a woman’s womb for gestation. This is the most innovative and effective fertility treatment that intended parents are opting for.

On the other hand, surrogacy is a process where a woman or surrogate used to carry a child in her uterus on behalf of another individual or couple.

Sometimes, intended parents want to combine these two processes for a successful pregnancy. For this, they need to consult with expert doctors who will create an embryo in the lab and then will implant it into a surrogate. The surrogate will carry the child on their behalf. This is an ideal option for those who have fertility issues, LGBTQ+ couples, individuals, single fathers, and people who want a fertility process with high success rates.

Gestational Vs Traditional Pregnancy

In traditional surrogacy, the woman who used to carry the child is the biological mother of the baby.  Because of this genetic link, this process brings many legal complexities. That’s why many surrogacy agencies don’t offer traditional surrogacy.

On the other hand, in gestational surrogacy, a woman carries a baby for another person or a couple using an embryo created through IVF. The gestational carrier is known as a surrogate. The surrogate is not genetically related to the baby. Thus, this process involves fewer legal issue.

You should consult with an expert doctor who is specialized in gestational surrogacy with IVF. The experts will select the surrogates for intended parents by evaluating several factors.

The IVF surrogacy process

Once the intended parents and surrogate have completed all legal agreements, then the medical procedure starts. At first, the expert examines both and give medications to the egg donor and the surrogate. This synchronizes their cycles and stimulates egg growth. The doctors then collect the eggs and combine them with sperm (from the intended father or sperm donor).

After culturing one or more of the resulting embryos for several days, the doctors used to implant them into the surrogate’s uterus. Once the doctors confirmed the implantation’s success, the surrogate receives proper medical care and attention. After giving birth, the intended parents take their baby and go home.

The cost of IVF with surrogacy

The intended parents who are opting for IVF surrogacy should expect to pay near about USD 12,000 To 18,900 USD.The cost depends on the unique circumstances of each pregnancy.

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