How old should you be for surrogacy?

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For couples stressed with fertility issues where the woman can’t carry a child, surrogacy is a delightful option to build a family. But before plunging into the surrogacy journey, you should have a basic understanding of the process and the legal consequences of surrogacy. Many established surrogacy centres in Ahmedabad will not only guide you in the process of surrogacy but also help you to understand all legal complications associated with this process. In this context, you may also consult with Livonta Global (an eminent medical tourism company) that is partnered with many well-known surrogacy clinics in Ahmedabad.

Since surrogacy is a buzzing word these days, many women (especially young women) like to get involved and become a surrogate mother themselves. So, what are the age qualifications to become a surrogate mother?

Age qualifications to become a surrogate mother

Before we are going to discuss how old a surrogate mother needs to be, we need to clear up one important issue. Every woman who wants to become a surrogate mother must have given birth to at least one child without complications. If a woman has never had children of her own, she is not eligible for a surrogate mother 25 years of age before opting for surrogacy. Though many women already have a child or two by the time they turn 18 most agencies or clinics along with intended parents feel that 18 is too young for surrogacy. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, “carriers must be of legal age and preferably between the ages of 21 and 45.”

There are certainly a few reasons why surrogacy experts and clinics tend to set a surrogate mother minimum age at 25years old. Here, we are mentioning some reasons why you have to be at least 25 years old before becoming a carrier.

Emotional maturity

Becoming a surrogate is not an easy decision and it will be a life-changing journey. A woman should take the call by considering all the pros and cons of the process. In the early 20s, your brain is still developing and you need to go a lot in your life. Most women at this age are typically moving from family life to independence. The majority of young women don’t have the emotional or practical maturity to take all the responsibilities of gestational surrogacy.

Physical maturity

 At the same time, in the 20s, a woman’s body is also developing. A woman’s menstrual cycle will not regulate itself until her 20s and her body is trying to accustom to the changes in her early and late teens. A body’s maturity can play a big role in how safely she can carry a pregnancy and withstand the complications she may feel in her pregnancy.

Previous pregnancy

Before becoming a surrogate, a woman should have had a successful previous pregnancy and be raising a child in their own home. So, it’s very difficult for a woman under the age of 25 wanting to be a surrogate to have been pregnant before and is raising a child of her own.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine also recommends that a surrogate should not be older than 45 years. Because there are some potential risks of pregnancy with advancing maternal age.

Many countries feel that a surrogate mother should be at least 25 years old to enter into a surrogacy agreement. This is for the protection of the surrogate and intended parent. In the case of gestational surrogacy, a 40+ surrogate, especially an experienced surrogate, is not uncommon. It is highly unusual, however, for a traditional surrogate to be in her 40s. Because the risks of birth defects to the child enhance in women’s eggs over 35.

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