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The knee replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty is a complex surgical procedure that is performed to repair the damaged tissues of the knees. This damage is caused by two severe kinds of arthritis and they are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. People suffering from severe arthritis have difficulty walking, bending their knees, climbing stairs and even face difficulties in standing up from a chair.

To get relief, one needs to opt for the best knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery has been recognized as a foolproof method to rejuvenate the knee tissues and help the patients to get back into their daily activities.

Knee replacement surgeries have been happening around the world in great number, however, the success rates for knee replacement surgeries in India is mind-blowing. Not only this, the knee replacement cost in India is much affordable than other developed countries.

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Types of Knee Replacement

  • Total knee replacement
  • unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement
  • kneecap replacement (patellofemoral arthroplasty)
  • complex or revision knee replacement
  • Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery


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Our Process for a Tour to India for Health

We are a rich history of taking people to India for cancer treatment in India and we have observed great results. Reach out to Livonta Global and avail the exceptional benefits of medical tourism in India.

  • 01
    Email your queries with medical records to us at
  • We will then get various Indian hospitals to answer your query.
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  • We will help you select the facility. However, the final decision is yours.
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    Once the hospital chosen, we will request you for the passport details of the travellers
  • The next step is to get the visa invite from the selected hospital.
  • 07
    You may then apply for the visa to India for the patient, using this invitation at the Indian consulate, embassy/high commission in your country.
  • Alongside, we will send the bank details either of our company or of the Selected hospital, whichever you prefer- so that you may transfer the funds as quoted.
  • 09
    After fund transfer, all the travel and treatment related arrangements will start to offer you a hassle -free experience as explained above.

Patients from 50+ Countries Have Been Cured by Livonta Global

Here follows the list of the countries from where you can travel to India for your treatment.

  • Oman


  • Kenya


  • Tanzania


  • Uganda


  • Rwanda


  • Burundi


  • Ethopia


  • Nigeria


  • Congo


  • Cambodia


  • Vietnam


  • Qatar


  • UAE


  • Russia


  • Kazakhstan


  • Kyrgyzstan


  • Tazikistan


  • Ukraine


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We have tried to provide answers to most of the frequently asked questions. We hope that most of the queries will be catered to here. Have a look once:

How will you know that you need a knee replacement?

You can consider knee replacement if you are suffering from the below-mentioned conditions.

  • Severe knee pain which interrupts your daily activities.
  • Moderate or severe knee pain while resting in day or night.

Persisting knee inflammation and swelling which didn’t get cured with rest or medications.

what are the common treatment procedures for Knee Replacement?

There are four basic steps to a knee replacement procedure.

Prepare the bone: The damaged or injured cartilage surfaces at the ends of the femur and tibia are removed along with a small amount of underlying bone.

  • Metal implants are positioned
  • Resurface the patella

And finally, the surgeon inserts a spacer

Can the Indian doctors help you for knee replacement?

India has done some remarkable improvements in the field of knee replacement surgery over the last 10 to 15 years. India is equipped with many reputed and adroit surgeons who are quite knowledgeable and accustomed to the latest treatment procedure. A plethora of data has claimed that more than 1.5 lakh knee replacement surgeries are performed in India every year. That’s why a lot of international patients have started coming to this country for their knee replacement surgery. Moreover, the cost of knee replacement surgery in India is quite affordable (nearly 1.5-2.3 lakhs) as compared to other countries.

Care after knee replacement treatment

To manage your pain or discomfort, you need to follow some precautions after your knee replacement treatment.

  • Take your medicines as prescribed by your surgeon.
  • Take some rests between activities as per needed.
  • Lie down or elevate your surgical leg. If possible, place some cold packs around your surgical knee (at least three times a day) for quick recovery.

Do some light exercises as recommended by your doctor.

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