What are the main factors affecting the success rate of surrogacy treatment?

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If you are a childless couple (unable to conceive naturally) or an individual, then surrogacy could be a reasonable option. Over the past few years, surrogacy has become popular among intended parents who have diagnosed with some medical issues. Intended parents can opt for either traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy. Most of the intended parents generally prefer gestational surrogacy because it is less risky legally.

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Factors affecting the success of surrogacy

Though the success of surrogacy is not as simple as the data suggests, there is a myriad of factors that need to be considered. Let’s take a look at some of the imperative factors that are affecting surrogacy.


Age is an essential factor that affects the chances of pregnancy and the success rate of surrogacy. The gestational carrier should be between 24-34 years old. Age is also a vital parameter when it comes to the quality of the eggs and sperm of the parents. The success rate would be the best if both the egg and sperm come from young and healthy individuals who don’t have so-called medical issues in their family history. Very often, intended parents need to use sperm and/or egg donor to achieve IVF success.

The use of an egg donor

If you want to enhance the surrogacy success rates, then the age of the egg donor is more important than the age of the surrogate. A healthy egg that comes from a young donor (in her 20s) will certainly enhance your chances for a successful pregnancy. Since your baby is not genetically related to the surrogate, it would be completely fine if the surrogate is even as old as 42 years. It may even be to your advantage to have a carrier who has older children instead of demanding babies and toddlers.

A surrogate who has carried before

You should always go for a surrogate who is a mom herself and has had previous successful pregnancies. Because if she is a mother, she is already accustomed to the physical changes that are common during pregnancy. She will also become emotionally stronger to be a surrogate. Moreover, if she has already given birth to a healthy baby, chances are high that she can easily carry your baby to a full term as well.

The odds are in your favour

As medical science and technology are thriving exponentially, the odds of surrogacy success are in your favour. If the surrogate became pregnant, there is near about 95% chance that a healthy baby will be born. So, this is the correct time to grow the family that you have always dreamed of.

Stress level

Several medical studies have proved that the stress levels of the surrogate during gestation pregnancy could play a pernicious role. Try to keep the atmosphere light and cheerful during the time of pregnancy so that your surrogate doesn’t get any stress at this time.

These are some important factors that can affect the success of surrogacy.

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