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We have tried to provide answers to most of the frequently asked questions. We hope that most of the queries will be catered to here. Have a look once:

What is the IVF process step by step?

IVF procedure comprises the following steps.

  • Step 1: The first day of your period is the first official day of your IVF treatment cycle.
  • Step 2: Stimulating your ovaries
  • Step 3: Egg retrieval process
  • Step 4: The sperm
  • Step 5: Fertilisation process
  • Step 6: Embryo development process
  • Stage 7: Embryo transfer process
  • Step 8: The final blood test


What is the common treatment for IVF?

The fertility specialists or doctors take the eggs from the ovaries using a small needle. Then often use light anaesthesia to the woman so that she doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Then, they fertilize the eggs with sperm in a specialized lab. Though IVF is done under the supervision of a fertility doctor or specialist, still, there are certain factors which determine the chances of getting pregnant with IVF.

Can the Indian fertility doctors in India help you?

India is a country which has seen exceptional growth in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments in recent years. Many IVF clinics are opening across the country over the last decade. There are many experienced and sagacious doctors in India who are helping couples to overcome their infertility. These doctors are well-equipped and possess professional degrees and certifications in the respective field. Moreover, IVF cost in India is quite affordable as compared to other countries. It will take around 1-1.25 lakhs per cycle.

Care after IVF treatment

IVF procedure is a big change to any infertile couple. After the treatment, you should follow certain precautions.

  • Proper sleep: Sufficient duration of sleep during the night is mandatory after IVF.
  • Healthy diet: You should eat a healthy diet which contains fruits and vegetables.
  • Workout and exercises: Immediate after IVF, workout (especially strenuous) is not at all recommended. But you can do yoga and light exercises at this point to remain healthy and fit.
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Livonta Global is a prominent name in the medical tourism industry in India. We have partnered with the advanced and the latest healthcare facilities in India. We ensure that all our patients receive the best healthcare services at an affordable price.

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IVF Treatment Cost, Hospitals & Doctors

Infertility becomes a curse to many people in this world and thus, the medical specialists have come up with a treatment called IVF that helps these unfortunate couples to conceive the baby with the help of an artificial environment.

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization and it is done to treat the infertility problems and help a woman conceive by fertilizing an egg outside the body. This fertilization is done in a glass (in-vitro) and completed in 2-5 days The embryo is then placed in the woman’s womb by using a tube.

Livonta Global is your ideal partner when it comes to receiving the best IVF treatment in India. We have set our benchmarks and we will ensure that you receive the best treatment at the most reasonable prices. We are tied up with many best IVF centres in Ahmedabad as well as the rest of India. The IVF treatment cost in India is very affordable as compared to other developed countries.

Types of IVF

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • IVF using donor eggs

What is the Average cost of IVF Treatment in India? 

The average IVF cost for one cycle in India ranges from Rs. 100000 to Rs. 350000. The cost excludes medications, testing, and other additional procedures.

The best Success Rate of IVF in India

The best success rate of IVF in India is quite good as compared to other nations. Most women see success rates of 20-35% per cycle. But the chances of getting pregnant decreases with each successive round, while the treatment cost increases. The cumulative effect of three full cycles of IVF increases the chances of a successful pregnancy to 45%-53%.

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