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Weight Loss Treatment and Surgery in India

Being overweight dents your confidence and also makes you more susceptible to diseases like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Check Livonta Global’s weight loss treatment and lose oodles of weight.

Weight Loss Treatment: Surgical and Non Surgical

Is it really possible to speedily and safely reduce the weight given the fast-paced lifestyle you are in? Some of you may have attempted various things to get back in shape, but the result received, maybe exasperating, there may be a few others, who are always in denial, they believe their weight gain may be provisional, without them taking any efforts they would lose them sooner or longer. And few others have accepted, they are overweight and nothing can be done to lessen their weight.

Livonta Global embraces you with the best weight loss treatment plan that will not only help you to get back in shape but also boosts your self-esteem. Livonta Global offers both surgical (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and gastric band) and non-surgical (Intragastric balloon and endoscopic sleeve surgery) treatment methods to patients for their slimming treatment plan. At Livonta Global’s centre, we have customized plans (specially designed by doctors and health experts) for each individual as everyone has a unique genetic different predisposition.

Weight Loss Treatment

Our Treatments

Livonta Global provides world-class solutions that will help you shed excess weight and attain a slimmer silhouette. Our treatment methods are:

Non Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

Livonta Global is committed to helping patients reach their weight loss goals, we strive to make their journey successful by offering everything that is best, that could help them lose weight without any hassle.

 Weight Loss

In this high-paced and high-stress society, losing weight is an uphill task. Many patients attempt and fail to lose weight on their own. To improve health and help patients address overweight or obesity issues, medically supervised weight loss programs may be useful for patients to create a potentially vital breakthrough in their health pursuits. Without addressing obesity, it is almost impossible to improve health. And it is extremely hard to work on one’s weight loss when one is already obese. Thus, Livonta Global offers the best weight loss treatment in Ahmedabad that are supervised by experienced doctors. Livonta Global is tied up with many weight loss clinics in Ahmedabad that will offer you a customized treatment plan after analysing your condition and other health parameters. These clinics are supervised and run by expert weight loss doctors in Ahmedabad who will not only motivate you but also guide you in every step of your weight loss journey.

Our Treatments

At Livonta Global, we offer the following weight loss treatment plans so that our patients can shed those extra pounds and regain their confidence.

  • Weight Loss 360°

    Weight Loss 360°

    At our weight loss 360-degree programme, we take a holistic approach to ensure that you enjoy results that are not only fast but sustainable and enduring. This weight loss plan along with diet and exercises will help you to lose excess weight from every part of your body.

  • Sculptsure 4D

    Sculpsure 4D

    This non-surgical procedure offers targeted fat reduction and you will lose up to 15 centimetres in just a few minutes of treatment. You can see results immediately after each treatment. This treatment offers targeted fat reduction and helps in shaping individual areas of the body.



    Non surgical liposuction is a process where the power of ultrasound naturally breaks down the fat and the fat cell in a localized area of treatment and then allows the body to naturally move the fat and toxins from the area out through the body’s natural detoxification process.

Cosmetic Surgery for Weight Loss

Cosmetic surgery helps you to get rid of large amounts of heavy, loose folds of excess skin around your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts, arms, face and neck.

  • Liposuction

    This cosmetic surgery helps you to remove fat that you can’t get rid of through diet and exercise. If you are planning for liposuction in Ahmedabad, you will be supervised by a deft cosmetic surgeon who will do the procedure on your hips, belly, thigh, buttocks, etc. to improve their shape. Since liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure, it comes with some risks. Livonta Global is partnered with many professional weight loss clinics that offer affordable liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad.

  • Tummy Tuck

    A Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty is performed to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen. This surgical procedure also tightens the underlying abdominal muscles and improves abdominal contours. Thus, it offers you a flatter and tighter stomach. An apronectomy ( panniculectomy) is a modification of the tummy tuck for patients who have an overhanging ‘apron’ of skin and fat over the pubic area. This procedure only removes the surplus skin and fat.

    Tummy Tuck

Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a weight-loss tool that influences the anatomy and hormones of the stomach and digestive system and helps you to lose weight scientifically.

Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery

The word ’bariatric’ is derived from the Greek words “baros” meaning “weight” and “iatrikos” meaning “medicine”. Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure of the digestive system to promote weight loss in people with severe obesity. This surgery is recommended to severely obese patients (Body Mass Index [BMI] above 40), when other weight-reduction strategies, such as diet management, exercise, etc. have failed. Most bariatric surgeries are done using minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopy. Bariatric surgeries aim at reducing food intake and increasing satiety. Some common types of bariatric surgeries are gastric bypass surgery in India, gastric band surgery in India and sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India. A dietician will provide a complete diet plan that should be followed after bariatric surgery to ensure nutritional adequacy. The treatment for bariatric surgery is quite expensive, which may approximately be 2.5 to 5 lakhs. The cost depends on several factors, including the type of surgery, Surgeon’s fees, chosen hospital, follow-up procedures, etc.

Our Treatments

Livonta Global offers the following three types of bariatric weight loss treatment methods to patients so that they can get back to their normal lives after removing excess weight.

  • Gastric Bypass

    A small pouch is inserted that bypasses the stomach and duodenum. The bypass mechanism is believed to cause changes in the gut hormones, and hence promote satiety and suppress hunger. 70-75% of weight can be reduced in the first year.

  • Sleeve Gastronomy

    Sleeve gastrectomy, often called vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical weight-loss procedure. A portion of the stomach is removed to form a narrower gastric sleeve. You can lose up to 60-65% of your body weight in 2 years.

  • Lap Gastric Banding

    Laparoscopic gastric banding helps you to lose weight scientifically. A small pouch is created with the help of a band to minimize food intake and increase satiety. You may lose up to 15-20% of your weight after six months.

Why You Should Lose Weight?

For those who are overweight or obese, losing weight actually carries innumerable benefits beyond looking great in your new clothes.

  • Reasons to Lose Weight

    Reasons to Lose Weight

    • Your immune system will work properly again.
    • You will become less susceptible to diseases like heart attack, high pressure, diabetes, etc.
    • Fewer allergy and asthma symptoms.
    • The prospect of getting a good night’s sleep is a strong weight-loss motivator.
    • Reduces your knee and joint pain and improves their functions.
    • Your sex drive will improve.
    • Your skin will be glowing and you will get relieved from acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Benefits Of Weight Loss

    • Helps regulate blood sugar and type-2 diabetes.
    • Improves the condition of your heart.
    • Improves your mobility by decreasing joint pain .
    • Boosts energy and self-esteem.
    • Reduced risk of certain cancer (breast cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.).
    • Improves your sleep.
    • Clearer and brighter skin.
    Benefits Of Weight Loss

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