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Who We Are

Our International air ambulance services assist people living in the city outskirts and towns away from the city to reach hospital on time to get the necessary treatment. Many people die because they do not get the best medical attention on time. Air ambulances provider have air ambulances, Emergency air ambulance, Worldwide ambulance that are fully equipped with all the necessary medical equipment to assist people who are seriously sick till they reach the hospital miles away from their residence. Our air ambulance charter has the latest equipment in place to assist people in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We also have trained medical professionals to provide the necessary support. 

We know every minute counts when it comes to life threatening situations. Apart from helping patients reach hospitals within the country, we also help in transporting them to hospitals in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Canada, USA, and Europe so that they can get the best treatment. Earlier, we were helping people who wanted to come on medical tourism, now, we are taking our operations beyond it. We want to help people get the best treatment on time for an affordable price.

Our Services

International Air Ambulance

Our International air ambulance services help us to take your loved ones to another country for treatment. Our primary goal as air ambulance service providers  is to help people get the best treatment, in time. We promise that we will go to any extent that is possible to help you and your dear ones get access to the best medical services from almost any part of the world as per your desire.

Domestic Air Ambulance

The Domestic air ambulance services that we offer help in taking your loved ones to the destination that you want within the country on time for less cost. Our air ambulance helicopters and flights are equipped with all the necessary, and the latest medical gear. Apart from that, we have medical staff that are well-trained to handle any type of emergency or complex situations. We do our best to provide excellent services.

Unique and Innovative Features

Private Medically Equipped Aircraft

Private Air Ambulance Services, in a nutshell, is nothing but an aircraft or an air ambulance charter that is run for medical purposes. It is built with the latest technology to seamlessly move passengers that are medically fragile, as well as human organs that are donated from one place to another. The personnel that are in this aircraft are well trained medical professionals. These medical private jets can be transformed into Intensive Care Units or ICU’s depending on the situation of a person. These aircrafts are also equipped to provide services such as Basic Life Support (BLS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS). 

The medical professionals that work on this air ambulance charter have necessary training to help passengers that are seeking immediate medical attention. They do their best to provide people who are sick with the best services and treatment that is required during the transit. 

In emergencies, time is most precious. When you use our services, you will use it wisely so that your dear ones can get access to the best medical treatment within time. The patients that we serve range from people who can walk normally to those who are in critical situations that are in a position to do nothing. No matter what their condition is, we provide the best services possible so that your loved ones can reach the destination on time so that they get the best treatment. 

Sometimes, it is necessary for people with serious illness and injuries to come back to the home country or to go to another country for treatment. When this kind of situation arises, people can utilize our services for reasonable charges. You can contact us and reserve the plane. Apart from our price being affordable, you will for sure have the best experience when you utilize our services.

International Commercial Stretcher Service

Medical emergencies can happen all of a sudden. When it occurs, you need to know how to help your loved ones. If your loved ones falls sick or is seriously injured when they are in another country, the best thing that you can do is to use the International Commercial Stretcher Service to bring them back to the country. Now, this is a cost effective way to bring your loved ones to the home country. 

People who use this facility are going to save thousands of dollars on the transfer. Of course, there are other services that are available such as the private air ambulance services. But, if you use this particular service, you might have to spend so much money unnecessarily for almost the same kind of services. You can save this amount when you instead pick the International Commercial Stretcher service. 

The patient is escorted by a medical professional who knows how to provide the necessary assistance to your dear ones. The medical staff that we use are well trained and are well-versed in tackling emergency and complex medical issues. Apart from this, we also provide the best equipment to provide the patient necessary treatment during the transit according to their condition. There is no need for you to worry about your dear one when you book this service. 

All the necessary air clearances to get the affected patient to the home country will be taken care of by us. We will take care of everything that is possible so that the process is seamless and quick. Our price is pretty affordable and low. Our charges include the costs towards the ticketing of the medical staff that will accompany the patient. We ensure that all of the transfers that we undertake are done without any hassle.

Our Expertise

  • Fully Equipped Air ambulance as Commercial Stretcher and Private

  • Proficient Services Globally

  • Worldwide Bed to Bed Conveys

  • Immense capability in handling critically ill patients

Why Should You Choose Livonta Global
For Air Ambulance Service

Livonta Global is the best choice when it comes to medical tourism and air ambulance service as we keep the priorities of our customer first.

  • Experience

    We at Livonta Global are in this field for more than a decade now. Earlier, we were providing services related to medical tourism. At Livonta Global, we hire people who have vast experience and expertise that know how to tackle medical emergencies using their best efforts. We ensure that people get the best medical treatment

  • Equipments

    As the best air ambulance service providers, we do have the best equipment for medical care such as the Electro Surgical Unit, EKG Machines (Electrocardiogram), Diagnostic Ultrasound, Stress Systems, and Defibrillators. We also have various other equipment that will aid the medical professionals in assisting people that are seriously sick till they reach the  hospital.

  • Global Reach

    People from various countries are utilizing our International Air Ambulance Services to ensure that their loved ones get the best treatment abroad. We want to assist people get the necessary assistance during the transit from their home country to the destination country. Since we have the necessary expertise and knowledge about processes, you can relax. 

  • Medical Staff

    At Livonta Global, we employ only the best medical staff and personnel to work with us. Since they will have the best experience and expertise, they are going to provide the best treatment to people who are in the transit to get the best medical treatment in a city or country far off from your residence. 

  • Safety & Reliability

    We know the processes pretty well. At Livonta Global, we are going to handle everything right from providing the plane or helicopter with the best facilities like best medical equipment and medical personnel to getting the necessary permission to airlift people that are sick.  When you use our services, you do not have to worry.

  • Medical Experience

    At Livonta Global, we have vast experience in the medical field because we do provide a wide range of services related to medical tourism. We understand that each medical issue that our customers face is unique and we do our best to provide an excellent medical assistance to them by understanding their requirements.

Our Process for an Air Ambulance Services

The process we follow is pretty simple and easy, to learn more about the services we offer and to understand the processes, kindly contact us.

  • Call us on Phone or Email us

  • We place options of transportation on Commercial and Charter

  • Discuss, Choose an option, plan the travel

  • Timely implementation of safe travel of your loved one

Terms & Conditions

Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd. (Livonta Global) is offer professional services of the Air Ambulance to the Customers (Individuals or Patients and their Family Members). Solutions are provided on a global basis as per the available resources of the Livonta Global.Livonta Global provides medical evacuation flight services either by charter aircraft or commercial air ambulance as per the details given below.
  • Livonta Global shall charge a net amount inclusive of aircraft flying charge, medical escort team and other logistic cost involved.
  • Luggage is limited to 2 small to medium sized bags, typically no larger than a carryon bag because The patient's care always takes priority. Livonta Global and/or the pilot may refuse to allow any attendant, or baggage inside the Aircraft and/or de-board such baggage and/or passenger. in case the pilot in his sole discretion deems it fit and proper for the safety of the flight and/or in case the total payload weight exceeds the permissible limit. Additional therapeutic oxygen & wheelchairs can be provided on client's request subject to availability.
  • The customer can contact Livonta Global via phone or Email: all details of offered services are provided on the website The Customer should provide all details possible, including the name and passport of the patient, medical diagnosis of the patient, medical report, updated present clinical condition and mode of transportation requested etc. If at time of embarkation the condition of the patient is worse than the details provided, carriage may be refused. Any case, which Livonta Global feels, might jeopardize the safety or operation of the patient and/or the Aircraft, will not be accepted. That Livonta Global shall not be liable to provide any reasons for cancelling the flight.
  • Livonta Global shall not be responsible in case of any diversion and/or delay in the flight due to permission cancellation from ATC/Airport Authorities, weather conditions, security reasons etc. (which is beyond the control of Livonta Global).
  • The full payment has to be made in advance before the scheduled departure takes place and Livonta Global wouldn’t provide any credit period to Customer for the payment.
  • Payment has to be made by individual customer/ corporate/ Proprietary/Company or any other firm as Cash / Bank A/C /Online Transfer / Debit Card / Credit Card, they should be agreed to pay all the taxis as per the government norms.
  • Livonta Global will confirm medical evacuation flight only after the full payment is received. Once the payment has been credited to Livonta Global via any mode it will take twelve to fourteen hours of time for activation of the Aircraft in International transfer & two to four hours of time for the activation of the Aircraft in Domestics transfers.
  • All costs are estimated & based on distance and approximate. In case, if the flight has to be diverted to some other sector/s due to bad weather or other technical reason/s or due to non-availability of the parking space or for refueling at the destination airport or due to non- availability of the night parking facilities at the destination airport, the client would bear the cost of the additional sector/s and Hours flown along with crew accommodation and lodging. The final invoice will be based on actual Block Flight Time (measured from "Engine starting" to "Engine Switch off") and aircraft / Helicopter waiting period on ground. The costs include Aircraft Rental, Crew Salaries, Maintenance, Insurance, Fuel Costs, In-flight catering, Route Navigation Charges, Landing and Parking Charges.
  • For any unforeseen reason/s such as 1. Bad Weather 2. Poor Visibility 3. Non Availability of clearances from ATC / Defense Authorities / Civil Administration 4. Technical Problem. Due to above reasons if the flight cannot take off from the Originating station full amount will be refunded other than Airport charges paid.
  • We always obtain the destination weather before departure. However, if due to sudden deterioration of weather en-route / destination, the aircraft cannot land at the Destination and has to return to the starting point or divert to some other airport, the actual flying time would be chargeable and balance if any would be payable / refundable.

Cancellation Policy

In the case of cancellation, Patient is liable for following: Full payment (100%) will be refunded by the Provider in case of cancellation of the services from the Provider side. Cancellation Charges for Private Charter Air Ambulance 
  • After Confirmation: 15% Cancellation Charges of total charter cost.
  • 48-Hrs before flight: 25% Cancellation Charges of total charter cost.
  • 24-Hrs before flight: 50% Cancellation Charges of total charter cost.
  • Less than 24-Hrs: NO REFUND.
Cancellation Charges for Commercial Charter Air Ambulance 
  • After Confirmation: 50% Cancellation Charges of total cost. (**before stretcher booking)
  • After the stretcher booking: NO REFUND.
***Cancellation done after departure from Base Station, No Refund will be given***

Patients from 50+ Countries Have Been Cured by Livonta Global

Here follows the list of the countries from where you can travel to India for your treatment.

Best Healthcare Service Provider in India


We have helped more than 500 patients till date and we are counting more every day. Look what our happy clients have to say:


    “I was worried about my sickle cell disease. To my surprise, Livonta Global helped me get the best sickle cell disease treatment in India”

    - DANIEL

    “Cancer came to my life as a curse.I was looking for a best treatment with experience expert doctor to fight for my disease. Thanks to Livonta Global that it helped me get my life back.”


    “I was suffering with acute myeloid leukemia & I did not know how to get rid. I knew there are good doctors in India but never knew how to approach them. Livonta Global helped me.”

    - ASHLEY


We have tried to provide answers to most of the frequently asked questions. We hope that most of the queries will be catered to here. Have a look once:

What Exactly Is an Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft with a stretcher that occupies some portion of the passenger seating. This ambulance has medical staff that are highly trained who watch over the patients that are being shifted from one city or country to another. The aircraft also has the best medical equipment in it so that the patient gets the necessary care and treatment during the journey. Since there is additional seating available on the flight, family members can travel with their loved ones.

Can I take Patients Anywhere?

Of course, we provide both the domestic and international services. You can pick what you want.

How Does Livonta Global Organize an air ambulance?

If you desire to book an air ambulance, you should call on our number 91-8733025959 or simply send an email to . We provide our services 24/7.

What kind of services does Livonta Global Provide?

We provide a wide range of services to our customers depending on the need of the patients. For example, we provide BEDSIDE to BEDSIDE assistance. That means, right from picking a person from his bed at his home to taking him on an ambulance to the nearest airport and then taking them on the air ambulance to the destination airport. Once the flight reaches the destination airport, we also ensure that they are carried on an ambulance to the desired hospital. We also provide ALS or Advanced Life Support and medical professionals to provide the assistance to people. If a patient requires a ventilator or respirator, we also supply the same. We also send a Respiratory Therapist along so that they can provide the necessary assistance to the patient all along the way. Apart from that we also arrange for a physician if necessary for additional cost. Using Livonta Global Escort Services, a patient can get the necessary medical help on a commercial plane at an additional cost.

Is it Okay for Family Members to Fly Along with the Patients?

Depending on the flight configuration that you’re going to book, it may be possible for you to fly along with your loved ones on the air ambulance. If the patient requires assistance from a medical professional, the number of family members that can travel along with the patient might reduce.

Is it possible for you to transfer patients within Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle-East?

Yes, of course. This is entirely possible. We are strategically located in Europe and thus we can transfer patients within the areas mentioned in the query.

What Kind of Payments Do You Accept?

We accept most of the major credit cards like the Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, and Visa. Apart from that we also accept payment made through checks if you provide guarantee using the credit card. We also accept bank wire transfers, as well as third-party financial arrangements such as insurance.

What Exactly Is the Cost to Book a Medical Flight?

Various factors such as the type of aircraft, the medical personnel on board, and the distance the flight needs to cover decide the cost of the flight. Kindly fill the form to reach out to us. We will use this information, to give you the accurate price.

Why Do People Use Air Ambulance?

Reaching medical facilities on time is necessary to help a patient survive especially after a major trauma injury. Land ambulances may not reach the hospital that fast than an air ambulance especially if you have to take the patient to a different city, state or the country. With the help of air ambulance, you can take them to the desired hospital in time.

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