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Our Process for a Tour to India for Health

We are a rich history of taking people to India for cancer treatment in India and we have observed great results. Reach out to Livonta Global and avail the exceptional benefits of medical tourism in India.

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Here follows the list of the countries from where you can travel to India for your treatment.

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We have tried to provide answers to most of the frequently asked questions. We hope that most of the queries will be catered to here. Have a look once:

I am having diabetes, so can I go for this surgery?

Diabetes enhances the risk of any surgery because the chances of infections increase. When your doctors are confident that you will get benefits from this surgery, only then they will recommend this metabolic surgery for diabetes in India. Gastric Bypass has a very positive effect on the patients who have diabetes. By this surgery, more than 85% of patients get relieved from this problem. If you are suffering from diabetes go for this surgery after taking your doctor’s advice.

How long I will be able to return to my work?

Normally, the resting period for Gastric Bypass is 3-5 weeks. But if you had an open surgery then this time increases because the wounds need time to heal. So, in this case, the resting period is up to 12 weeks. In 3-4 months, the patients get well adjusted to their diet and also, accustomed to the changes in their lives.

Can I get pregnant after this surgery?

This surgery has no connection with your pregnancy and thus, it has no adverse effect on your ability to conceive. Moreover, this surgery increases your metabolic activities and helps you to become pregnant.

Would diet and exercise mandatory after this surgery?

All bariatric surgeries encourage you to lead a healthy and happy life. After the surgery, your doctors will recommend a diet plan and exercise to stay fit and healthy for the long-term.

Do I need to take vitamin and mineral supplements after the surgery?

Gastric Bypass is a malabsorptive surgery this means that the nutrients from food (minerals and vitamins) won’t get absorbed completely by your body. Hence, you may feel the deficiency. But your doctors will recommend vitamins and mineral supplements so that you won’t face any deficiency or complications. But you should check yearly to evaluate any such deficiency is occurred or not.

Why Should I prefer Medical or Surgical Procedures in India?

You should select India for your medical treatments as the advantages for medical treatments in India include reduced costs, availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance with international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners are less likely to face a language barrier in India. The Indian government is taking strong positive steps to address infrastructure issues that hinder the country’s growth in medical tourism.

Isn’t it expensive to travel India for treatment?

Compared to the savings in the medical costs, travel cost is usually negligible.

I only speak my native language then what to do?

Don’t worry. We can arrange trained interpreters for you.

How Do I Start?

The simplest and fastest way is to submit enquiry in our website. Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd. is assigned patient relationship manager for you. who will prepare your case, Communicate with you within 24 hours.

How to select best hospital & doctor with affordable Cost?

Once you have provided your present condition including medical history and reports to the patient relationship manager, He/she will send all the data to the specialists of best-affiliated hospitals in India for reviewed and examined, accordingly will get back to you with a total estimate of your treatment. So you will get more options with specialists advice & It will help you to select best amongst the all with affordable cost.

Your treatment package in india would be costlier than hospitals?

No. You will get the same price from Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd. that you get from the hospitals.

After received the treatment package. If I don't want to get treatment in india. do I have to pay any charges / penalty for it?

No. For just getting treatment packages we don’t charge/penalty our clients. It depends up to you where you want to get treatment.

I have decided to get treatment in india with assistance from Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd.. How to proceed?

You are welcome to have treatment in india. Once you inform us that you want to proceed further for getting treatment in india with assistance from Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd., out team will inform you about further paper work and formalities.

Will you assist for Medical Visa and how do I get?

Yes sure, Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd. team will arrange visa invitation letter for you & for that you have to send us scanned copies of the passports of the patient and his/her attendant so that we can issue the visa facilitation/invitation letter at the earliest, which will enable you to get a medical visa before you travel.

If I’m taking an attendant, when can he or she travel?

The attendant can travel with you. He/she would need a valid passport & may need a visa as well (this depends on the destination country and country of origin/citizenship). Most hospitals in India allow at least one attendant to stay with the patient (in the hospital).

What happens when I arrive in India?

Hospital Provides pickup & Drop facility for you as a complimentary so before you travel you will get the details for the same & once you arrive hospital provide mobile SIM card to you so you can easily communicate with your family. Also you can easily get cab facility (ola, Uber etc.) if you want to choose.

Where do I stay?

The hospital provides accommodation/guest rooms/dormitories/all-type-star hotel accommodation depending upon your budget. If you are finding for the other option The Patient Relationship Manager will share stay options with you. Before you leave for your trip, we work with you to make sure you are booked in an accommodation of your choice & liking.

What Documents are Required to Be Presented on Arrival?

– Medical History/ Records/ Test reports/ Doctor referral notes/ X-rays – Contact details – Residence/ Driver’s license/ Passport copies – Passport size photos – keep 10-15 in hand for various purposes – Bank statement.

What about after treatment ?

Depending on your treatment. for “after-care” program. We help you there as per the doctor’s recommendation.The hospital provides accommodation/guest rooms/dormitories/all-type-star hotel accommodation depending upon your budget. also you can choose hotel as per you choice. If you choose to stay in a hotel instead of campus, hospital will arranged transportation for emergency cases. After doctor’s confirmation that you are ready for fit to fly hospital will arranged airport drop facility for you.

What about follow-up care after I return from my trip?

The Patient Relationship Manager always available to be at your service after your return. We will help you with follow-up consultations with the doctor, reports, medications and any other help you may need.

I have some more queries. How to contact you?

Queries are always welcome from you. Just send an email with your query at or

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Cost, Hospitals & Doctors

Obesity is one of the alarming and leading causes (5th cause) of death. A plethora of medical studies have claimed that nearly 2.8 million people die every year due to obesity or overweight. Bariatric surgery is the only treatment to get rid of those extra pounds to the people who are morbidly obese and also have other medical issues. Livonta Global is a popular name in medical tourism which assists bariatric surgery in India and robotic bariatric surgery in India because they are tied up with more than 50 hospitals and 1000+ specialists. You may find many best hospitals for bariatric surgery in India who are embracing the patients with minimal weight reduction surgery cost.

When we are talking about weight loss surgery in India, the cost of the treatment is a major concern for the patients who are planning to do this kind of surgery. Bariatric surgery cost in India is USD 3000 to USD 4000 which means 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs and the success rate is nearly 95%. This cost is very low as compared to other countries like the USA and UK.

Bariatric Surgery Cost

When we are talking about weight loss surgery in India, the cost of the treatment is a major concern for the patients who are planning to do this kind of surgery. Bariatric surgery cost in Ahmedabad as well as in India is USD 3000 to USD 4000  which means 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs and the success rate is nearly 95%. This cost is very low as compared to other countries like the USA and UK.

Suitable Candidates for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Below, we are mentioning bariatric surgery requirements.

  • If the patient has a BMI higher than 35
  • If the patient is suffering from other health like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc.
  • If weight is increasing steadily causing other metabolic disorders to the patient
  • If the patient is gaining weight even after a strict diet

Types of Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery:

There are three types of bariatric surgery and they are,

    • Gastric Bypass :

This is the best bariatric surgery in India because it helps in reducing weight by limiting the intake of the calories. In this type of surgery, your stomach volume gets reduced by the specialists. After the surgery, the patient needs to follow a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet, exercise, and limiting alcohol and smoking.

    • Lap Gastric Banding :

Laparoscopic gastric banding is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery. In this process, a band is placed around the stomach. This band is an adjustable silicone device that is placed in the upper portion of the stomach. Therefore, it reduces the capacity of the stomach and also reduces your food intake. The entire thing promotes weight loss. The patient needs to follow strict guidelines for dietary intake and exercises after the surgery.

    • Sleeve Gastronomy :

This type of surgery reduces the stomach size to 15% of its original size by removing the greater curvature of the stomach. Thereby, the intake of the food is reduced, and it promotes weight loss.

What are the Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery?

  • Massive weight loss is certainly one of the benefits of this surgery
  • Cardiovascular health gets improved
  • You will get relief from joint pain and depression
  • Eliminates obstructive sleep apnea
  • Improves fertility
  • Other health conditions are also improved.

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