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15+ years

Dr. Pushkar Srivastava - Neonatology in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

About Doctor

Dr. Pushkar Srivastava, a distinguished and highly specialized paediatrician in Ahmedabad, has amassed 15 years of experience, establishing himself as one of the city’s premier paediatricians. Specializing in paediatric neonatology, Dr. Pushkar is adept at addressing various health issues faced by newborns. His expertise ranges from common childhood illnesses like colds to more complex conditions such as tonsillitis, chickenpox, and viral fever. Notably, he excels in managing thyroid diseases, diabetes, and conducting allergy testing in children. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and a comforting demeanor that puts children at ease, Dr. Pushkar Srivastava is recognized for his ability to diagnose and treat rare conditions. Parents appreciate the support he provides during challenging times. A specialist in Neonatal Intensive Care, Dr. Srivastava has extensive experience caring for premature infants, ensuring their healthy growth. Additionally, he conducts development assessments for young children to monitor milestone achievements. Utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques and the latest treatments, Dr. Pushkar Srivastava aims to facilitate a quick recovery for his patients, allowing them to resume their activities, play, learn, and grow up in a healthy manner. His personalized approach tailors treatments to each child’s unique needs. In conclusion, Dr. Pushkar Srivastava is an experienced paediatrician in Ahmedabad, dedicating his career to the well-being of children. Renowned for his expertise in paediatric neonatology, he stands as one of the most qualified and respected paediatricians in the city.

If you’re in need of a paediatrician  in your area, Dr. Pushkar Srivastava could be an excellent choice for personalized and top-notch medical attention.

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