Dr. S Vidyadhara

Chairman and HOD - Spine surgery and Consultant - Robotic Spine Surgery
Manipal Hospitals

Dr. S Vidyadhara - Chairman and HOD - Spine surgery and Consultant - Robotic Spine Surgery in Bengaluru, India


  • Dr. S. Vidyadhara is the Chairman and HOD for Spine Surgery and Consultant for Robotic Spine Surgery at Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road, Bengaluru. He is recognised for his expertise in non-surgical and operative treatments for neck and back pain due to his impressive credentials. Dr. Vidyadhara has the following degrees: MBBS, MS, DNB, FNB (Spine Surgery), and FHKU (Spine Surgery). To advance his knowledge and abilities, he has sought several fellowships and affiliations. He has made major contributions to the field of spine surgery therapy.
  • From 2017 to 2020, he held the positions of Editor of the SRS New Letter and Chairman of the Communication Committee of SRS USA. At Manipal University, Dr. Vidyadhara teaches spine surgery as an adjunct visiting professor. Various injection techniques for posterior and transform aminal lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF/TLIF), spinal issues, minimally invasive spinal stabilisation, artificial disc replacement, microscopic and endoscopic approaches, complex cervical spine surgeries,  scoliosis correction surgeries, spinal osteotomy ies for kyphosis, surgical operation for spinal tumours, and spinal column reconstruction are among his areas of expertise. In addition to his impressive credentials and expertise, Dr. Vidyadhara speaks Kannada, English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Tulu, and Konkani with ease. His bilingual aptitude allows him to communicate effectively with patients from various language backgrounds, assuring them comfort and understanding during therapy. Dr. Vidyadhara is the best spine surgeon in Bangalore.
  • Throughout his career, Dr. Vidyadhara has received various honours and recognition for his accomplishments. Notably, he is the first Indian to have held the position of Chairman of the Scoliosis Research Society, USA’s Communication Committee (2017–2020). In addition, he was the first Indian to receive the prestigious Scoliosis Research Society Traveling Fellowship in 2012. Dr. Vidyadhara has received multiple awards for her research, including the Orthopaedic Association and the 2010 Best Research Award from the International Society for the Study of Lumbar Spine (ISSLS). Among other prestigious journals, his research has appeared in Spine (Phila Pa 1976), Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques, and Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery. Fellow scholars have acknowledged and referenced his work, highlighting its importance and relevance.
  • Dr. Vidyadhara is considered a preeminent spine surgeon due to his significant credentials, knowledge, and contributions to the profession. His dedication to quality care and his fluency in several languages make sure that patients receive excellent care and clear communication throughout their therapeutic journey. Some of Dr. Vidyadhara’s services include spinal surgery, musculoskeletal pain management, fracture treatment, joint dislocation treatment, spinal disc surgery, spinal disorders/injury treatment, spinal deformity correction, scoliosis correction, column traumatology, disk slip/herniated disc treatment, wrist problem treatment, percutaneous vertebroplasty for compression fracture, and neck and spine biopsy.

Fellowship & Membership

  • Chairman, Communication Committee of Scoliosis Research Society USA (2017-20).
  • Editor, SRS Newsletter (2017-20).
  • Active Fellow of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) since 2008.
  • Fellow of the University of Hong Kong in Spine Surgery 2008.
  • Fellow of National Board of Examinations (FNB) in Spine Surgery 2004-06.
  • Adjunct Visiting Professor of Spine Surgery (Manipal University).

Languages Spoken

  • Kannada
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu
  • Tulu
  • Konkani

Awards & Achievements

  • First Indian to become Chairman of the Communication Committee of Scoliosis Research Society, USA (2017-20).
  • First Indian to get the prestigious Scoliosis Research Society Traveling Fellowship in 2012.
  • Fifth from India and lone active member of the Scoliosis Research Society from Karnataka.
  • International Society for Study of Lumbar Spine (ISSLS) Best Research Award 2010.
  • Most Promising Spine Research Award Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association, 2009.
  • Scoliosis Research Spine Society Educational Scholarship, 2008.
  • Dr. R L Mittal IOA Fellowship, 2008.
  • Lester Lowe SICOT Award, 2007.
  • ISCA Young Scientist Award (President’s Medal) from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2006.
  • ASSI-Deputy Best Spine Research Award 2005.
  • APOA Traveling Fellowship 2005.

Talks & Publications

  • Randomized clinical study to compare the accuracy of navigated and non-navigated thoracic pedicle screw insertion in difficult deformity correction surgeries. S Rajasekaran, S Vidyadhara, Ramesh P, Shetty AP. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2007; 32: E56-64.
  • Iso-C3D fluoroscopy based navigation in direct screw fixation of Hangman’s fracture – A case report. S Rajasekaran, S Vidyadhara, Shetty AP. J Spinal Disorders and Techniques 2007; 20(8): 616-9.
  • Coupling between sagittal and frontal plane deformity correction in idiopathic thoracic scoliosis and its relationship with post-operative sagittal alignment. Luk KDK, S Vidyadhara et al. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2010; 35(11): 1158-64.
  • Intra-operative Iso-C3D C-arm Navigation for pedicle screw instrumentation of Hangman’s fracture. S Rajasekaran, S Vidyadhara et al. J Orthop Surg 2007 Apr; 15(1): 73-77.
  • ISSLS Prize Winner: A Study of Effects of In Vivo Mechanical Forces on Human Lumbar Discs With Scoliotic Disc as a Biological Model: Results From Serial Post-contrast Diffusion Studies, Histopathology and Biochemical Analysis of Twenty-One Human Lumbar Scoliotic Discs. Rajasekaran S, S Vidyadhara, et al Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2010; 35 (21): 1930-43 (Cited by 45).
  • Predictability of supine radiographs for determining an in-brace correction for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. JPY Cheung, KKL Yiu, S Vidyadhara et al. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2018; 43 (14), 971-976.
  • Rationale in the Management of 4-Level Lumbar Spondylolyses with or Without Instability and/or Spondylolisthesis. S Vidyadhara. Spine 2014; 39 (12): E734-E738.
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Robotic Spine Surgery, Non-operative and operative treatment of neck & back pain, Various injection techniques for spinal disorders, Microscopic and Endoscopic Procedures, Minimally Invasive Spinal Stabilization, Posterior and Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF / TLIF), Artificial Disc Replacement, Complex Cervical Spine Surgeries, Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty for Osteoporotic fractures, Surgery for Spinal Tumors, Scoliosis Correction Surgeries, Spinal Osteotomies for Kyphosis, Spinal Column Reconstruction – Posterior/ Anterior,

MBBS | MS | DNB | FNB (Spine Surgery) | FHKU (Spine Surgery)

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