Dr. Sanjay Pandey

Head Department Of Neurology
Amrita Hospitals Faridabad

Dr. Sanjay Pandey - Head Department Of Neurology in Haryana, India

Dr. Sanjay Pandey is a Professor and Head, of the Department of Neurology, and his research is focused mainly on Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. He did his MBBS from Grant Medical College Mumbai and MD (Medicine) from the Institute of Medical Sciences, B.H.U. Varanasi. His research career in Neurology started during his neurology residency when he worked on movement disorders in patients with Japanese encephalitis at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow. As a young faculty, he completed important research work at his previous institute, GB Pant institute of postgraduate medical education and research (GIPMER). In 2011, the Indo-U.S. Science and technology forum awarded him a one-year fellowship in Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders at NINDS/NIH, the USA under Mark Hallett.

During his fellowship, he completed several intramural projects (Ethanol response in essential tremor, post-traumatic shoulder movement, dopaminergic medications modifications following DBS, range of motion, and a new rating scale in writer’s cramp, measuring dyskinesia and tremor in PD using a kinetic device and physiology of movement disorders). After his fellowship, he joined back GIPMER and established a comprehensive center for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. In the last decade he has completed several research projects to generate novel Indian data on striatal and postural deformities in PD, sensory tricks in dystonia, botulinum toxin in movement disorders, tremor in dystonia, functional movement disorders, genetics of Parkinson’s disease and dystonia, post-stroke movement disorders, and frequency of different subtypes of cervical dystonia: A French-Danish-German-Indian-Polish observational study. He has also supervised the dissertations of 30 neurology students pursuing doctorate (DM) courses.


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  • Mishra A, Pandey S. Functional Neurological Disorders: Clinical Spectrum, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Neurologist. 2022 Jul
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  • Mishra A, Pandey S. Clinical Features, Neuroimaging, and Levodopa-Responsiveness in Holmes’ Tremor: A Video-Based
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  • Ratliff JB, Schaefer SM, Chitnis S, Cooney JW, Hess CW, Okubadejo N, Shalash A, Moro E, Sue C, Pandey S, Pal PK, Yang L.
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  • Mishra A, Pandey S. Hyperpigmentation Probably Related to Haloperidol in a Patient with Neuroacanthocytosis. Mov Disord
    Clin Pract. 2022 Mar 30;9(4):556-557. doi: 10.1002/mdc3.13440. PMID: 35586539; PMCID: PMC9092737.
  • Mittal SO, Pandey S. Botulinum toxin for the treatment of tremor. J Neurol Sci. 2022 Apr 15;435:120203. doi:
    10.1016/j.jns.2022.120203. Epub 2022 Feb 19. PMID: 35227926.


MBBS, MD, DNB, DM, DNB, Fellowship in Parkinson’s disease and movement disorder, NINDS, NIH, Bethesda, USA (Mark Hallett)
  • Assistant Professor, Neurology GIPMER, New Delhi
  • Associate Professor, Neurology GIPMER, New Delhi
  • Professor, Neurology GIPMER, New Delhi
  • Attending Consultant GIPMER, New Delhi

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