Everything That You Need to Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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What Exactly Is MISS

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Now, this is one of the medical procedures that spine specialists follow to treat a host of the different spine problems. In a traditional open surgery that spine surgeons do, they need to access and view the spinal region of a patient to operate. The areas that they need to access are ligaments and muscles that surround the spine. They can do this with the help of the skin incision. 


But, thanks to the advancement of technology. Now, the spine specialists can do this surgery without depending on a long skin incision. A lot of spine surgeons these days are preferring minimal invasive spine surgery over all other options. 

When they use this procedure, they do not damage the muscles and ligaments that conceal the spine, which is a good thing. When specialists choose to do a MISS over traditional methods, they will also prevent blood loss and infection. 

Patients who undergo this treatment suffer less pain and recover from the pain much faster. Luckily, most of the well-reputed hospitals offer the best spine treatment in India.

Conditions You Can Treat Using the MISS Procedure

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Just as the open surgery, MISS also helps in curing various spine-related issues. Specialists use this particular method to treat conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spinal tumors, vertebral compression fracture, and herniated disc, to name a few. 

If you are suffering from any of the listed spine conditions, you must consult with the specialist to see if they can perform MISS to cure these conditions. 

Decompression Method and MISS Fusion

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There are countless ways through which a surgeon can perform decompression procedure and MISS fusion. A lot of specialits, however, choose to use a tubular retractor to perform MISS. Spine surgeons insert it through the small skin incision that they make. They access the spinal column using the retractor. 

This retractor keeps the muscles open when the spine surgeon is operating. Once the operation is complete, the surgeon is going to place the muscles back in its position. The best part is that there are so many specialists that know ways to optimize the MISS procedure. They use various devices, tools, or anesthesia to achieve this purpose. 

Besides, using this surgery to treat certain spine-related conditions, surgeons can also use it to address several other spine-related issues. Patients should learn about the risks and benefits that are associated with this surgery before opting for it.

Risks Associated With This Surgery

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Indeed, it is true that the risks associated with MISS are far less than the traditional method of open spine surgery. Patients who undergo this procedure will recover much faster than those who go through the open spine surgery. Here are some risks that a person might experience when they take this surgery:

  • Blood loss
  • Some pain in the spine area
  • Sometimes, even blood clots might develop near the spine

But, since the risks are far less than the regular open spine surgery, a lot of specialists recommend this method to their patients. It is wise for you to consult with a renowned spine surgeon before undergoing spine surgery in India. They will evaluate your condition before taking things further. 

If you are suffering from any other problems apart from the ones listed above, you should check with the doctor to get the best treatment. 

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