Top 10 Kidney transplant Hospital in India

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The Kidney disease is often known as the silent killer because most of the times, the patient comes to know about it when major damages have been already done to the kidneys. The symptoms do appear in the beginning only but it is not possible for every doctor to diagnose the right disease. When both the kidneys of an individual fails, they stop functioning and the wastes in the body Continue reading...

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Top 10 Liver Transplant Hospital in India

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The liver is the largest internal organ in the body of a human being. It is located on the right side of the abdomen. The unique element about the liver is that it has the capacity to regenerate itself. As a matter of fact, 70% of the livers can be removed without causing any inconvenience to the body. Liver Transplant Hospitals in India India is one of the top countries Continue reading...

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Top Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

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Look back some 20 years ago and you would find that there was no cure for the deadly disease called cancer. When someone was diagnosed with cancer, it was considered a curse for the person and the family. Time changed and we witnessed a huge growth and development in medical sciences that helped us fight the majority of the fatal diseases. Today, we can avail the best cancer treatment in Continue reading...

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Which spinal neck disorders may be treated surgically in India?

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An Overview of Cervical Spine Surgery in India Cervical Spine surgery is one of the most critical surgeries performed in India and before we go deep into understanding how it is performed, let us see what is this surgery all about. Cervical Spine Surgery : If a patient is observing regular symptoms of neck pain, tingling, weakness, and numbness, the orthopedic doctor will suggest him or her, cervical spine surgery Continue reading...


Factors That Influences Patients To Go For Knee Replacement Surgery In India

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Off late, the medical services in India have improved for good. Indians, as well as foreigners, are looking forward to a great treatment plan that is prescribed by an Indian doctor. That is why medical tourism in India has also received good attention. The Indian government is quite supportive of medical tourism and the foreigners from countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and so on are traveling to India for Continue reading...

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