10 Facts You Need to Know about Cancer

10 Facts You Need to Know about Cancer

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Being told you have cancer is particularly terrifying since feels arbitrary. Knowledge is the key to reducing cancer’s stigma and fear. You can reduce your anxieties by being aware of your risk factors for getting particular cancers, understanding what to look for, and learning how to increase your chances of living a longer, healthier life. If you are going for a cancer diagnosis, sticking to the healthy decisions as suggested by the experts of cancer treatment in India is particularly important.

Here are the ten facts you need to know about the disease you should know before reaching the best cancer treatment in India

It is estimated that just 5 to 10 percent of malignancies are genetically based. Anyone who asserts that the majority of malignancies are genetically predisposed is lying. Researchers have found the same thing, yet many individuals believe that they might inherit this curse from their parents or that they will do the same to their children. Every family member needs to engage in exercise, consume nutritious food, and cleanse.

Nearly half of all malignancies and cancer-related deaths can be avoided, according to scientists from all around the world. The World Health Organization estimates that cancer caused 2 million deaths worldwide in 2012.

Ninety percent of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. Lung cancer, which is caused by smoking, accounts for 22% of cancer deaths. One such instance of cancer that is preventable is the use of tobacco products. Only 20% of lung cases have a chance of survival. Smokers who work in a toxic environment have a 3% lower likelihood of quitting. Cancer is caused by chemicals used in tobacco production, not tobacco itself.

A person’s chance of developing cancer can also be increased by environmental variables. We must think carefully about the air we breathe, the food, and the water we consume. Metal toxicity, pollution, domestic cleaning supplies, and some personal care products can all harm bodily cells.

This cancer-related fact could astound you. You run the chance of developing colon cancer if you sleep less than six hours every day or suffer from sleep deprivation. People who work nights are more at danger, according to some recent studies. Get a sufficient quantity of sleep to maintain a healthy body and avoid cancer.

Hot dogs, bacon, and sausage are examples of lunchtime cold food cuts that contain nitrates as well as sodium nitrate and potassium nitrite. This substance gives processed foods taste and extends their shelf life. The chemical reacts with digestive fluids in the body after ingestion and high-heat cooking. As a result, nitrates are changed into the carcinogen nitrites. Since nitrate also enters groundwater, drinking water also needs to be filtered.

One in eight fatalities worldwide is caused by cancer, which is greater than the combined death toll from AIDS, TB, and malaria. Cancer deaths account for 70% of fatalities in middle-class and low-income households. There are about 33 million cancer survivors worldwide.

58 percent of cancer diagnoses in economically developed nations are made on patients 65 years of age or older. People over 65 account for 40% of all cancer cases in underdeveloped nations.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the link between obesity and a number of health problems, including cancer. After diagnosis, even survival odds are reduced. According to a study, maintaining a healthy body weight increases a woman’s chances of surviving breast cancer after menopause. Prediabetes increases the likelihood of developing diabetes and the negative effects of obesity by 15%.

When cancer cells have not yet moved to other body areas, there are no symptoms of lung, ovarian, or colon cancer. Early diagnosis of the symptoms is crucial to completing therapy in a timely manner.

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