All You Need to Know About The Liver Transplant Procedure

All You Need to Know About The Liver Transplant Procedure

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Liver is considered to be the most vital part in the human body which regulates each and everything that happens in the body. There are more than 500 functions for which only the liver in a human body is responsible. Human beings cannot survive without a liver which is why it always becomes critical if something goes wrong with your liver. When the liver is seriously damaged or stops working, the patient needs a liver transplant which is a surgical procedure in which a damaged or malfunctioned liver is replaced with either a healthy liver of a deceased donor or it is also replaced with partial healthy liver of a healthy donor. Liver transplant in India is a costly process but once it is done, the patient gets back to normal life within few weeks and his life is prolonged.

Who needs a liver transplant?

As discussed above, patients whose liver stops to function properly due to some diseases are required to go through the procedure of liver transplant. If you consult the best liver hospital in India, they will suggest the following reasons for the patients to go through liver transplants.

Acute Liver Failure

Acute liver comes under one of the most common and prominent reasons why a patient needs a liver transplant. Acute liver failure, also known as fulminant hepatic failure, occurs when a normally functioning liver is injured, resulting in clinical signs and symptoms of liver insufficiency. Acute liver failure can be caused by a variety of factors, the most prevalent of which include acetaminophen overdose, viral infections, and toxic mushroom consumption. Unlike patients with chronic liver disease, who might survive for weeks to years without a transplant, individuals with acute liver failure die within days if they do not go through the transplant procedure.

Chronic Liver Failure

Although the liver has the capacity to mend itself in the event of harm, repeated injury and repair over a long period of time can permanently scar the liver. Cirrhosis is the last step of this scarring. In this stage, because of the toxins and fats in the liver, the scarring of the tissues is complete and the liver in this stage is not able to heal itself anymore and it is called cirrhosis of the liver. The only option to treat the patient with liver cirrhosis is liver transplant. To come to this stage, the liver gives a lot of time to the patient but if he ignores everything and continues with a rugged lifestyle, liver transplant is what he has to go through.

How to prepare yourself for the liver transplant

The liver transplant surgery in itself is not a complex surgery but it takes time for the patient and the donor both to get back to normal life as the liver takes a few months to grow back to its actual size. The complexity in liver transplant occurs when there are more patients and less number of donors available. The patients before the liver transplant must be prepared for a lot of lab tests which are done by the doctors to make sure their body is fit enough to take the transplant process.

It is also extremely to select the transplant center wisely as liver transplant is not a simple process and not everybody can do it so it is always better to select the best

Precautions before liver transplant

One of the most common precautions which is advised by all the doctors is to stop alcohol consumption totally till the transplant surgery. Till the time the transplant is done, doctors might advise patients to take rest and avoid traveling as much as possible. Any form of mental and physical strain must be completely avoided during this phase.

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