Are cancer surgery safe and successful in India?

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The word cancer has created a huge buzz in the market and it comes with agony, pain, and grief. So, cancer is indubitably a lethal disease which needs a lot of attention from the people. There are many treatments (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and surgery) which will help to combat this deadly disease. It is true that most of the cancer treatment is painful and mentally draining.

Cancer surgery: Till now, 200 different types of cancer can occur within the human body and several treatment options are available for them. Surgery is one of the oldest and common treatment method which is used to treat many benign and advanced cancer. The prime goal of surgery is to remove or repair the cancerous tissues from the patients without hampering the rest of the body.
Why you should opt for surgery?

There is a chunk of reasons why a person should choose a surgical treatment for cancer.
1. In order to diagnose cancer
2. To remove the entire or some part of cancer
3. To find out the location of the cancer
4. To find out the stage of your cancer and is it affecting other organs of your body or not
5. To restore your body’s function and appearance
6. To get rid of the side effects

Types of cancer surgery

Now, let’s take a look at different types of surgery for cancer.
1. Diagnostics (Biopsies)
2. Staging
3. Curative or primary surgery (Tumour removal)
4. Debulking
5. Palliation
6. Reconstruction
7. Prevention

Are cancer surgeries safe in India?

Over the past few years, the healthcare sector in India has noticed an unprecedented growth in terms of treatment and medicine. Nowadays, India is recognized as one of the leaders or frontrunners in the medical field of research, development and treatment procedures. These days, you may find many best cancer hospitals and treatments in India which are embracing the patients with a cost-effective treatment for various cancer surgeries. Many cancer hospitals are giving assistance in scheduling your appointments for surgery and other treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, etc.

You just need to send your medical history and report to the cancer hospitals and treatment centres and it will get verified and studies by their panel doctors. After analysing your report, they will provide you with a lot of useful information so that you can take a confident decision and combat your cancer with a safe and successful treatment.
According to medical experts, these days, India is providing far better treatment and surgery to the patients who are suffering from cancer. This is because all the latest technologies and drugs have also introduced in India and they are readily available as per your need.

Another reason for choosing India for your cancer surgery is that the surgery cost is much low in India as compared to other developed countries. A plethora of medical studies has claimed that cancer surgery and treatment costs in India are low about 60 to 80 per cent as compared to the similar procedures in the developed nations like UK, Canada and the USA. Moreover, in your country, you will always get a homely and friendly atmosphere. And you don’t need to wait in a long queue and no need to deal with the fluent English speaking staff. Even some hospitals also provide medical trip and travel assistance to the patients.

Many foreign patients are seeking medical assistance from the best cancer hospitals and treatments in India as they believe it will help them to save a chunk of money without compromising in their treatment procedure.

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