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Genetic tests help in estimating your chances of developing cancer in future or the later stages of life. This test measures some of the specific changes in proteins, chromosomes and genes to find out your actual chances of getting cancer in the future. The Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India too rely on genetic tests and recommend patients to go through it if they are skeptical about getting this deadly disease. Many people who are healthy are always skeptical to get this test done even if they have cancer in their genes so, in this article, we will find out whether it is a good option to get genetic cancer testing done for you or not.

Tension, Depression and Guilt

If your genetic test comes positive, it means gene mutation exists but never means that you will surely develop cancer. But, people do not realise this fact and think that if this test has come positive, they will have cancer. This leads to depression and tension which is totally worthless. Instead, a positive result means that you should be aware and keep yourself healthy and get tested regularly. You might never develop cancer in your life but this test might put you in depression for no reason.

False sense of Healthiness

A negative genetic test shows that gene mutation does not exist and you have very less chances of developing cancer in future but this does not mean that you are completely immune to cancer. Only by considering the negative test results, some people started to think that they are completely healthy and avoid their medical history, lifestyle and environmental exposure which can definitely cause cancer. So, even if the test comes negative you must always be alert and get yourself tested at regular intervals.

Unsure Results

There are many types of cancer which have not been tied to specific gene mutations which is why at times, the egentic test results show unclear results which is called a variant of unknown significance. Unclear test results mean that it is unsure whether the mutation will increase in future or not. It also means that people have such mutations which the current tests are not able to find so even if you have unclear test results, you must be alert always.

Genetic Tests are Costly

We all know that cancer treatment in India is costly and so are the genetic tests. This is the reason why many people in India and across the world are hesitant to take genetic cancer tests. If your insurance provider is not paying for this test, it is definitely a costly test and not many people can afford it. 

Ask yourself if you really need to take the Genetic Test

Many people might recommend you to take tests and many might ask them not to but finally, you only have to decide what is good for you of course with your doctor’s advice. Ask yourself some of the below basic questions that might help you to make your mind.

  • Do I have a family history of cancer?
  • Have I developed cancer at an earlier stage than what the average age is?
  • How will I be able to take the test results mentally? Will I be ok even if it comes positive or will I have a mental setback?
  • Can I lower my risk of cancer if I have a genetic condition?

Ask yourself all these questions before deciding to take the test and if you are still unsure what to do, you can always consider contacting a genetic counsellor who will not only help you mentally but will also help you taking tests if you want to.

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