A Brief History of Cancer: Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Indubitably, cancer is a devastating and lethal disease which ends the lives of millions every year. In medical terminology, cancer is a disease caused by the abnormal division of cells and infiltration into the normal body cells. Cancer is the second leading cause of death and in the year 2018, nearly 9.6 million people died due to cancer. But due to the astounding growth of medical science and technology, now the survival rate of cancer is improving. There are many cancer hospitals which are providing the best cancer treatment in India. Livonta Global Pvt Ltd is a reputed name in the field of Tourism Service in India. Livonta Global provides a chunk of services including professional doctors who are specialists and have a plethora of experiences in the medical field. Livonta Global is tied up with 100+ best hospitals (including the best cancer hospitals in India) and 1000+ doctors who deliver outstanding health care services at affordable rates.

The Common Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

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The signs and symptoms of cancer may depend on person to person and which part of your body is affected. Some common signs and symptoms are,

  •       Fatigue or tiredness
  •       Lump or area of thickening which can be felt under your skin
  •       Weight changes (you may abruptly gain or lose weight)
  •       Skin changes, such as yellowing, darkening or redness of the skin,
  •       Sores that won’t heal easily or changes to existing moles
  •       Changes in bowel or bladder movement
  •       Persistent cough
  •       Breathing problem
  •       Difficulty swallowing
  •       Hoarseness
  •       Discomfort especially after eating
  •       Persistent or unexplained muscle or joint pain
  •       Persistent or unexplained fevers
  •       Unexplained bleeding or bruising


When to See a Doctor

If you are experiencing certain abnormalities in your body for a long time, then you should consult a doctor. After evaluating your symptoms, family history, and social habits, the doctor will recommend you go for certain tests CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, etc. which will analysis your conditions more thoroughly.

How Cancer is Detected?

Lab investigations:

Your body fluid samples like blood, urine, lymphatic fluid, etc. are collected and then, examined in the laboratory to measure the levels for various enzymes and chemical ingredients. Changes in the levels may indicate that you have cancerous cells in your body. Sometimes tissue samples are taken for tumour makers. The tumour markers are substances which are produced by cancer cells when they are present in your body. If you are suffering from cancer, then the levels of tumour markers are increased manifolds.

Radio-imaging tests:

Many types of radio-imaging tests are conducted to detect cancer.

CT Scan:

In this type of radio-imaging, an x-ray machine is attached to a computer. This can take multiple pictures of an organ from various angles. This creates a 3D image of the area.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging):

By using magnetism and radio waves, this machine takes sliced pictures of the body. The slices are now used to read the details. Sometimes, an MRI scan also includes an injection of an especial dye which usually increases the contrast.

Nuclear scan:

This process uses radioactive material to take pictures of the internal organs of your body. At first, a small dosage of radioactive material is injected in your body through the bloodstream. Now, the scanner can detect and measure the radioactivity and helps in diagnosis. 

Bone scan:  

This is a type of nuclear scan which is specifically used to diagnose bone cancer. Here, radioactive material is injected into your vein and it gets accumulated in the abnormal areas of your bone. These areas are called “hot spots.” Now, the scanner can detect everything easily.

PET Scan:

This is also a type of nuclear scan. This method usually takes 3D pictures of areas by accumulation of glucose. A plethora of studies have claimed that cancerous cells take up more glucose than normal cells.


In this method, high-energy sound waves are used. These waves are echoed to the tissues in your body. A computer is attached to the machine which uses echoes to create a picture of areas that are scanned.


Lose-dose radiations are used in this method. These radiations will help to take pictures of internal organs.


This is a special test in which an affected tissue sample is removed and sent to the laboratory for further investigations. The test is conducted under the microscope and the test report is sent. There are two types of biopsy tests and they are

  1.     Biopsy with a needle: In this type, a fine needle is used to withdraw tissue or fluid which needs to be examined.
  2.     Endoscopic biopsies: A thin and light tube (endoscope) is inserted into your body to the affected areas. The endoscope moves through the natural opening of the body.


Treatment Methods

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Once you are diagnosed with cancer, you need to go for the below-mentioned treatment methods.

  • Surgery: This is the most common cancer treatment. Here, a cancerous tumour is removed surgically from a patient.
  • Chemotherapy: In this method, intravenous drugs are used which can kill the cancerous cells. 
  • Radiation therapy: In this method, cancerous cells are killed by using high-energy rays like x-rays.
  • Immunotherapy: In this method, your own body’s immune system is used to treat cancer. This therapy helps your body’s immune system to recognize the abnormal cells and kill them.
  • Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy is used to treat certain cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer. Because these cancers aggravated by hormones in your body. Hormone therapy usually blocks these hormones or removes them to stop the growth of the cancerous cells.
  • Targeted drug therapy: This is a new-fangled treatment which targets the features that help cancer cells to survive and grow.


The primary objective of all the treatment is to destroy the cancerous cells of your body. Some treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy are used as the adjuvant treatment where these treatments kill any cancer cells that are left after the primary treatment. Adjuvant treatment is used mostly to reduce the chance of recurrence.

Cancer is truly a life-threatening disease and everyone in six deaths is caused by this lethal disease. But now, due to the advancement of science and technology, you may find many cancer hospitals in India who are not only giving the best and cutting-edge treatment to the patients but are also motivating them to lead a healthy life.

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