Best Ovarian Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India 2020-2021

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Severe back pain, abnormal pain during sex, pelvic or abdominal pain, fatigue and many other symptoms that women take lightly may indicate ovarian cancer, a type of cancer that has origin in the ovaries. The abnormal growth of tissues in the female reproductive glands leads to ovarian cancer. This type of cancer is generally diagnosed in the later stage since it does not show symptoms during the early stages. Women belonging to any age group may suffer from ovarian cancer. However, cancer specialists in India have observed that sexagenarian and above women are at a higher risk of developing this cancer. Fortunately, effective treatment is available for this cancer in India and many hospitals are equipped with advanced tools and teams of experts to provide the patients with the best possible treatment. Due to this, the survival rate in ovarian cancer has improved significantly.

This type of cancer is difficult to diagnose since it does not show symptoms during the early stages. Women tend to overlook the symptoms since they are quite common and can generally be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. These symptoms are not persistent and they may appear and disappear at times. Some prominent symptoms include pressure, pain and bloating in the abdominal region, difficulty in eating, abnormal fullness after every meal, increased frequency of urination, back pain, pain during sex, constipation, changes in the menstrual cycle, upset stomach and heartburn etc. If women have one or more symptoms for a longer period of time, they should not avoid it and get themselves checked. The symptoms are generally mild during the initial stage but as the tumour grows bigger, cancer starts to spread outside of the ovaries. In most cases, women consult oncologists only when the pain grows abnormal. Unfortunately, by then cancer might have reached the later stages and doctors may find it difficult to treat.

Researchers have yet not been able to identify the root cause of ovarian cancer. Some of the leading causes are family history, ageing, unexplained infertility, early menstruation and late menopause, hormone replacement therapy, obesity etc. The women who already had colorectal, uterine and breast cancer are also at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. There are three types of ovarian cancer- Epithelial Ovarian Tumours which develops on the surface of the fallopian tube or the ovary, Germ cell ovarian tumours which develop in the egg-producing cells and Cord-stromal cell ovarian tumours which grows in the connective tissues producing female hormones and holding ovaries together.

Hospitals in India are equipped with advanced tools and technology to treat patients with ovarian cancer. Depending on the stage of cancer, hospitals may recommend further courses of treatment. One of the preferred courses of treatment is surgery. In several cases, without removing uterus or ovaries, doctors remove cancerous cells from the body. Chemotherapy is another popular course of treatment. This is effective when cancer has metastasized in other parts of the body. Hormone therapy also proves to be effective in ovarian cancer treatment. It is especially recommended for ovarian stromal tumours. These days, targeted therapy has become popular amongst oncologists due to encouraging results. Radiation therapy, another type of ovarian cancer treatment is used to kill cancer cells with high energy particles or x-rays. This is used only when other treatment options have proved to be futile.

India has some of the best hospitals, finest technology and expert oncologists when it comes to treating ovarian cancer. The treatment in India is affordable but effective. That is why many patients from overseas choose to undergo treatment in India on a medical visa. Indian doctors have a holistic approach to cancer treatment. Alongside cancer treatment, they also focus on the patient’s emotional and psychological wellbeing and provide the necessary support.

As mentioned above, ovarian cancer treatment in India is affordable in comparison to developed countries. While considering the cost of ovarian cancer treatment, one should consider factors like stage of cancer, type of treatment, seniority of the oncologist and the hospital in which the patient chooses to undergo the treatment. Each and every factor mentioned above will affect the cost of treatment. Livonta global has a strong network across the country with the best cancer hospitals and top oncologists. The company can help you get effective treatment in one of the leading hospitals of the country at an affordable rate. We have also prepared a list of top ovarian cancer treatment hospitals in India. It will give you an idea which hospitals are best for you to undergo the treatment.

1. Max Hospital

Max Hospital

Address: No. 1, 2, Press Enclave Road, Mandir Marg, Saket Institutional Area, Saket 110017 New Delhi.

Visit: Max Hospital

2. BLK Super Speciality

BLK Super Speciality

Address:5, Pusa Road New Delhi, Delhi India

Visit: BLK Super Speciality

3. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Address: Sarita Vihar, Mathura Road, New Delhi, Delhi, 110076, India

Visit: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

4. SevenHills HospitalSevenHills Hospital


Address: SevenHills Health City,Marol Maroshi Road,Andheri East,Mumbai – 400059 Maharashtra.

Visit: SevenHills Hospital

5. Gleneagles Global Hospital

Gleneagles Global Health City

Address: 439, Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600 100, Tamil Nadu

Visit: Gleneagles Global Hospital

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