Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment For Elevated Liver Enzymes

Causes, symptoms, and treatment for Elevated liver enzymes

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The liver is one of the most significant and critical organs in the human body, as it serves several tasks in contrast to other organs that serve a single or particular purpose. Doctors have found more than 500 functions in the human body till now that show the importance of the liver in the human body. The liver absorbs and digests everything we eat, both good and bad, and since it performs so many activities, it is prone to a variety of disorders because all the toxins, drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy foods we ingest have an effect on our liver, either directly or indirectly. Liver transplant in India has increased dramatically in recent years as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle people have adopted.

Elevated liver enzymes might suggest liver disease. When the liver is inflamed, it produces more chemicals than usual, which can be detected by a blood test. You can definitely lower elevated liver enzymes naturally but before that we must know what elevated liver enzymes are and what they mean to your liver health.

Alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST) are two common liver enzymes. The normal range for ALT is five to forty units per liter of serum. AST values should be between seven and 56 units per liter of serum. These enzymes are indicators that clinicians use to assess the liver’s health. The levels are measured using a blood panel by the physicians.

Causes Of Elevated Liver Enzymes

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

NAFLD is considered to be one of the most common reasons for elevated liver enzymes. A healthy liver removes all the unwanted and toxic substances from the body and if the liver doesn’t work properly, it may cause serious problems inside the body. Too much consumption of fatty food may lead to the production of fat inside the body or if the body does not metabolize fat properly it can accumulate in the liver and this accumulation of fat in the liver may lead to fatty liver or NAFLD. If fat will continuously keep accumulating in the liver it may lead to liver failure.

Taking medications on our own

It happens many times that many of us have a habit of taking medicines over the counter from pharmacists without even consulting the doctors. Since we have not read about medicine, we do not know the side effects and after effects of those medicines but still, take them which causes an overload on our liver. Some of the medicines people take for pain relief are so harmful that they severely damage your liver and become major reasons for elevated liver enzymes

Apart from the above reasons, there are many more reasons for elevated liver enzymes like too much of alcohol intake, eating unhealthy food with lots of fats and oil, following an unhealthy lifestyle, viral and autoimmune hepatitis, celiac disease, Pancreatitis, Mononucleosis disease, Wilson disease and liver cancer. If you consult the best liver hospital in India multiple clinical tests will be done to determine which other diseases the patient is suffering when they diagnose elevated liver enzymes in a person. Doctors also do tests to identify elevated liver enzymes if the patient has above liver diseases as a symptom

How to treat Elevated Liver Enzyme

Elevated liver enzymes can definitely be treated if the below points are kept in mind

  • Eating foods with high fiber and high antioxidants
  • Eating leafy and green vegetables
  • Avoiding food with excess fats and oil
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily
  • Stopping alcohol intake completely
  • Exercising daily
  • Avoiding over the counter medicines

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