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Chemotherapy is a common yet effective cancer treatment which is used before (to shrink the size of the tumour) or after (to kill remaining cancer cells of the body) surgery. Chemotherapy cost India is quite affordable as compared to other developed nations. The price depends on various factors like the type and stage of cancer, the amount of dosage and the root of chemotherapy administered.

In this article, we are going to discuss the cost of chemotherapy in India so that you can have a clear idea of your mind. You can also get in touch with Livonta Global who will assist you to get chemotherapy from reputed hospitals which provide the best cancer treatment in India.

The Cost of Chemotherapy in India

The cost of chemotherapy treatment depends on how chemotherapy is given. The chemotherapy cost in India ranges from ₹56,000 ($800) to ₹2,80,000 ($4,000) per session.

 Chemotherapy when deliver through IV can range from ₹70,000 ($1,000) to ₹1,05,000 ($1,500). And another common way of delivering chemo is oral which starts from ₹56,000 ($800).

 On the other hand, chemotherapy given by port starts from ₹2,10,000 ($3,000). Because it requires a minor surgery due to which the charges for it are higher as compared to other types.

Chemotherapy in India is quite affordable and that’s why many people choose India over other countries for their cancer treatment.

The Cost of Chemotherapy in Different Cities of India


Average Price

Starting Price

Price up to


Rs.24232 Rs.3000



Rs.23865 Rs.4000



Rs.21783 Rs.4000



Rs.22325s Rs.4000



Rs.21220 Rs.4000



Rs.19575 Rs.4000


Pune Rs.18982 Rs. 4000


 Factors Affecting the Cost of Chemotherapy

Several factors affect the cost of chemotherapy.

  • The Types of Cancer: Chemotherapy costs depends on the types of cancer. Depending on the types of cancer, the number of chemotherapy sessions is administered.
  • Stage of Cancer: This plays an imperative part in deciding the chemotherapy cost. If the cancer is discovered in the initial stage (stage I and stage II), then the cost of chemotherapy is low. But if it is identified in an advanced stage (stage III and stage IV), then the cost is relatively high.
  • Treatment plan: Chemotherapy is often used along with other treatments like surgery. So, the cost will vary for the different patients depending on the treatment plan.
  • Place of the treatment: The price of chemotherapy also depends on the place of the treatment. As per the above-mentioned table, we can see that chemotherapy cost is higher in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. as compared to other cities.
  • Chemotherapy dosage: Different person needs different chemotherapy dosage. Generally, the dosage is high for a person who has more bodyweight due to higher body resistance and low for a person with lesser bodyweight.

Additional Treatment Plans

Sometimes, chemotherapy can be accompanied by surgery, radiation, or BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant). The cost of surgery and radiation may vary depending on which body part cancer exists and how severe is the disease.

  • Surgery: The cost of surgery in India is near about Rs. 2,80,000 ($4,000) to Rs. 10,50,000 ($15,000).
  • Radiation: In India, the radiation cost can be between Rs. 30,000 ($434) to Rs. 20,00,000 ($28,981).
  • Bone marrow transplant: The cost of bone marrow transplant usually ranges from Rs. 15,00,000 ($21,428) to Rs. 40,00,000 ($57,143).

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