Comparison between Stem Cell and Knee Replacement

Comparison between Stem Cell and Knee Replacement

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Around 16% of people worldwide have some knee injury. It could be brought on by old age, an inflammatory disease, or an accident. For many years, the only option for treating serious knee injury was surgical knee replacement. However, stem cell therapy has recently been found to be a novel treatment for injured knees. The only treatment that can now restore and regenerate damaged knee cartilage is stem cell therapy. Although we have the Best Knee Replacement Surgery in India which is also the tried, tested and traditional method of treating injured knees, because of the stem cell technique we might want to see a comparison between the two so that we have the knowledge of both of them and can make informed decisions.

Stem Cell Therapy

Usually, severe wear and tear or an inflammatory disease causes damage to our knees. A knee injury can occasionally be the consequence of an accident. Stem cells contain a number of special qualities that can help mend your hurt knee and create new cells to replace the ones that are too damaged to be repaired. Our bodies contain immature cells called stem cells that may develop into any type of tissue. In addition to other areas, they can be present in our bone marrow, fatty tissues, and blood. Of course, various stem cells help in the treatment of different diseases. In the world of medicine, stem cell therapy is still relatively young. Clinical experiments, which are still being conducted, have yielded encouraging findings. The FDA must still approve this medicine, though.

Benefits of Stem cell Therapy

  • Your knee bone and the surrounding cartilage can both be repaired and replaced by new cells that develop from stem cells.
  • The newly formed cells have unique anti-inflammatory characteristics after stem cells have begun to mature. This lessens any discomfort the patient may be experiencing and keeps the new cells healthy.
  • Growth substances released by stem cells promote the division of new cells. They also exude substances that shield these brand-new cells, lengthening their lifespan.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, involves replacing all or a portion of your knee joint and we have the Best Knee Replacement Hospitals in India. It has been the accepted medical treatment for severe instances of arthritis and knee injury for many years. During a knee replacement procedure, the diseased knee joint is removed and a prosthesis is put in its place. For those with severe pain and movement problems, it is seen as a last resort.
You see, as we walk, the cartilage in our knees absorbs the shocks of movement. Walking may be excruciatingly painful when this cartilage is destroyed, whether as a result of an inflammatory disease, severe wear and tear, or an accident. A knee replacement operation is now performed. In most instances, general anaesthesia is used throughout the procedure. Typically, the new prosthesis is constructed of plastic, metal, or both.

Stem Cell Therapy vs Knee Replacement

Clinical experiments for stem cell treatment have yielded encouraging results. Additionally, it is the only medication that can regenerate body cells. Theoretically, this will result in stronger long-term outcomes. Additionally, it will provide the patient more movement in their daily lives. Clinical studies for stem cell therapies are still going on, nevertheless. To evaluate its impact on injured knees, further long-term follow-up data is needed. Researchers still need to make adjustments to this relatively new medicine in order to increase its effectiveness. In other circumstances, stem cell therapy may be preferable, particularly if the patient has specific medical issues that prevent them from undergoing surgery

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