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The liver is one of the major organs in our body that carry out functions that involve storing of vitamins, breaking down items into essential vitamins required for our other body parts, sugar, body metabolism activities, and producing substances to stop clotting in our body part, refining of blood.

We should not fail to accept the fact that the liver is the most important part of our body. Any damage can lead to dysfunction of the body parts, or even lead to patient death. So, proper care has to be taken care of our liver.

Liver failure can only be treated by transplantation, yet, doctors and researchers are not able to find any alternative cure to it. You need to consult the best liver transplant doctors in India before taking any final decision for surgery.

In India, the cost of liver transplants is higher as compared to other countries, because of the fact that the liver transplant recipients are more than the donors. However, patients who are looking for doctors for liver transplant in India can get it easily at a reasonable cost if it is consulted right.

Everybody should know why doctors suggest patients for liver transplantation and why it is needed:

Transplant is needed when the body stops functioning properly or fails to regenerate what is required for the body to function. Liver can also stop functioning in the right way because of some pre-existing illness in the patient’s body or hereditary conditions. Consumption of toxic items can also damage the liver to function.

In adults, we can often see the case of liver failure. It can happen because of the infection caused by a hepatitis virus. Some of the cases in adults of liver failure is also due to excessive drinking of alcohol, heavy usage of drugs, obesity, etc.

Indeed, there is a cure to it and the cure is to transplant the infected liver. There are various transplant methods by which doctors treat patients:

Living Donor Transplant – This is a process where doctors look for the liver of the donor that matches the liver of the recipient. The surgeon removes the liver (from left or right depending on the patient) of the donor and transplants it in the patient’s body that will allow the liver of the patient to function properly within a week or two. The liver on the right is bigger in size and normally used in adult patients and whereas, the left side of the liver is smaller and used to replace the liver of children.

Orthotopic Liver Transplant – The process involves replacing the partially or whole diseased liver with the healthy donor liver to remove the transmission of infection in the liver thereafter. The liver is replaced with the liver of the dead person.

Split Liver Transplant – In this, the process involved of the donor liver divides and puts into two patients, simultaneously, to get the liver function properly for both patients. In this process one liver of the donor is divided into two portions (one left, other right) and transplanted into two patients, recovering both of them from the liver infection.

The best hospitals for liver transplant in India are vastly available at every corner and focus to provide the best care to patients. If you are looking for the best liver doctor in India, contact us, we can provide you with the best care facility liver transplant hospital in India, where you can receive the best service from the day you go into the day you get out.

Hope it helps. Until then, Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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