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Do You Have Sensitive Teeth? Here is What You Can Do to Fix It

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Do your teeth hurt when you have a hot or cold drink? Do you steer away from sweet and spicy food thinking that it will trigger pain? If the answer is yes, it is high time you see a dentist and get sensitive teeth cured. There is a layer called cementum that covers the roots of the teeth. It is hidden under the enamel, the tough layer that protects the teeth. When this layer is exposed due to receding gums, you feel extreme sensitivity in teeth especially while having hot and cold drinks or sweet and spicy food. People with dentin hypersensitivity feel short duration pain in the dental region inside teeth and gum.

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With a few precautions, you can take care of the sensitive teeth in the initial phase. If enamel is worn out, the nerves of your teeth are exposed which is the root cause of pain. If you take good care of your enamel, you might not face this problem at all.

In order to take care of your enamel, there are few habits you should cultivate and give attention to.

Stop brushing teeth with a heavy hand. It will take off enamel along with plaque.

  • Pay attention to the way you brush your teeth. If you brush right at the gum line side-to-side, your enamel can wear out faster.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush. Brushing teeth at a 45 degree angle to gum is another smart way to keep enamel clean and strong.
  • Stay away from acidic foods and drinks like soda, candy that sticks to teeth, high-sugar food. They are enamel’s enemy.
  • To protect your teeth, you should have fibre-rich fruits and vegetables and milk products like cheese, plain yogurt etc. They increase moisture in the mouth and fight acid and bacteria that are harmful for the teeth. Saliva serves the same purpose.
  • Also remember that if you eat something acidic, do not brush immediately after. Wait for an hour before brushing otherwise it will permanently damage your enamel.

Teeth Grinding:


Apart from your eating and brushing habits, there are several other factors which damage the enamel. For example, teeth grinding. If you have this problem, you can get a splint or mouth guard fitted from a dentist. This will largely solve the problem. In severe cases, a dentist may also need to change your teeth’s position or give a muscle relaxant.

Teeth bleaching:


Many people go for frequent bleaching to keep their teeth pearly white. It may turn out to be painful as bleaching can cause temporary sensitivity. You must take dentist’s advice before the treatment.



Age is an important factor that contributes to teeth sensitivity. People over the age of 40 can have it due to naturally shrinking gums. When roots lose enamel that protects them, nerves causing pain and sensitivity are exposed. If you feel your gums are receding, you should consult your dentist. Gum graft is another viable treatment for the problem. Plaque and tartar damage the gums in the long run and destroys bony support of the tooth.



Gum disease is quite common in people with smoking habits. Deep cleaning of the teeth is an effective treatment in such cases. Dentists may also advise medication and surgery to fix the problem.

Previous Dental Treatment:


In some cases, cracked teeth or filling can also cause teeth sensitivity.

Sensitive teeth can cause a great pain in the long run. Special toothpaste, fluoride gel, and desensitizing pastes can be greatly helpful in such situations. Root canal treatment is the ultimate solution for most tooth related problems.

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