Early Warning Signs of Kidney Disease

Early Warning Signs of Kidney Disease

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The need for kidney transplant treatment in India has seen a rise in recent years. As much as there has been a number of advanced medications available, there are a number of reasons that contribute to the health hazard. In this article, we will discuss the signs that should make you conscious of kidney disease. The experts of kidney transplant hospitals in India share the following signs that can be a possible lookout for –

A constant sense of tiredness

Your kidneys remove waste from your blood and excrete it in your urination. Toxins might accumulate when your kidneys aren’t functioning properly. Weakness is a common warning sign. You can experience exhaustion, weakness, or difficulty focusing. A hormone produced by the kidneys instructs the body to produce red blood cells. Your blood cannot provide your muscles and brain with the necessary amount of oxygen if you have fewer of them.

Poor Sleep

Studies point to a link between sleep apnea and chronic kidney disease (CKD), which over time damages your organs and may cause renal failure. Sleep apnea may affect your kidneys since it reduces the quantity of oxygen your body receives.

Itchy Skin

This could occur if toxins build up in your blood because your kidneys are unable to remove them. This could result in a rash or intense itching. Your kidneys might become less effective at balancing the minerals and nutrients in your body over time. Your skin may become dry and itchy as a result of mineral and bone disorders.

Swollen Face and Feet

Fluids accumulate in your body as your kidneys struggle to properly eliminate salt. This might result in swollen hands, feet, ankles, legs, or even the face. Your feet and ankles may notably show signs of oedema. Additionally, the area surrounding your eyes may appear puffy if the protein is spilling out into your urine.

Muscle Cramps

If the levels of sodium, calcium, potassium, or other electrolytes are out of balance, your muscles and nerves may have some health issues. It should be checked in time to not let the condition go beyond repair.


Anyone suffering from kidney disease will not be able to produce erythropoietin (a type of hormone) in sufficient amounts. Your body’s hormones tell it to start producing red blood cells. Without it, you risk developing anaemia and becoming breathless. Fluid accumulation is another factor. It might be difficult for you to breathe. In extreme situations, lying down could cause you to feel as though you’re drowning.

Foggy Head

Toxins can harm your brain when your kidneys are unable to completely remove waste from your body. The oxygen your brain requires could be obstructed by anaemia. You might have lightheadedness and memory and attention problems. Even basic things may become challenging for you if you become too confused.

Low Appetite

Your stomach may feel queasy or unsettled due to kidney disease. You might not have much of a food craving as a result. That can occasionally result in weight loss.

Foul Breath

Uremia, a disorder that develops when your kidneys are unable to filter out waste, may result. That might give your mouth a bad odour. Additionally, food may taste metallic or odd if you have toxins in your bloodstream.

Foamy, Brown, or Bloody Urine

Overproduction of the albumin protein may cause bubbly urination. That may be the outcome of kidney problems. So too can very light or brown urine. Incorrect kidney function can also cause blood to enter your bladder. Kidney stones, tumours, or an infection are some conditions that might result in blood in the urine.


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