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Liver is the vital part of the human body and Liver diseases in India and most of the parts of the world have increased considerably in the last few decades. There are many reasons for liver diseases and if you consult the best liver doctor in India, he would advise you to follow a healthy diet and be regular in checkups. But what if a person is already suffering from a liver disease and the only way to save his life is a liver transplant. Liver transplant is required when the liver of a person is fully damaged and cannot function at all. The only way to save his life, in that case, is to transplant his/her liver by the way of liver transplant. Liver transplant in India is a costly process but the good news is that unlike most of the organ transplants, the success rate of liver transplants are higher and the survival rate of patients are higher as well.

Another good thing about liver transplants is that your friend, relative or even a stranger can give you the opportunity to survive because it is not the whole liver that gets translated but only a part from the fresh liver is transplanted from the donor to the patient. This saves the life of the patient and does not cause any harm to the donor as well.

Liver Transplants

As discussed earlier, liver transplants are the most successful transplants amongst all the organ transplants which is the reason more people are convinced and motivated to take up liver transplants. Although it is a costly process, its success rate makes people take up the process. The transplant operation is considered to be a major operation which involves life risks as well but it is mostly done by expert doctors who have performed many liver transplants before o the risk becomes lesser.

Eligibility for Liver Transplants

Since liver transplants are matters of life and death for the patients, it becomes absolutely necessary that each and every step in the whole process must be followed with utmost caution so that the risks could be minimised. This is the reason why the eligibility for being a liver donor is made with strict rules so that there is no scope for any problems for both patient and the donor. Although anybody can donate liver to the patient, they have to pass the eligibility criteria in order to be a donor. The government laws could be different in different countries but the medical and the health criterion remains the same. 

  • The most important thing when it comes to liver donation is that it should be purely on a voluntary basis and the donor must not be forced to donate their liver. All the hospitals before starting the process have a detailed discussion regarding this with the donors
  • There are mostly the blood relatives who often volunteer for liver donation but as long as the person is healthy and wants to donate a part of his liver, he can be a stranger as well
  • The age bracket for liver donors has been kept in between 18 to 60 years as people below 18 years are not eligible physically to donate and people above 60 are not considered fir for liver donation
  • There are strict laws for the blood group compatibility of the patient and the donor. The blood groups of both the people should not exactly match but they should be clinically compatible about which the doctors will take up tests and tell
  • A rigorous smoker or a heavy drinker does not qualify for liver donation.

   Liver Transplant Treatment

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