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Everything you need to know about Kidney Transplant

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Kidney transplant in one of the most crucial surgeries conducted by the specialists today. It involves the placement of healthy kidneys in the body of a person whose one or both of the kidneys have stopped functioning. Our kidneys are responsible to purify our blood and the wastewater is excreted in the form of urine. As a person progresses in his or her age, the kidneys start malfunctioning and they have to go for regular dialysis or a kidney transplant.

A kidney transplant is an expensive procedure and the cost of this transplant would vary from country to country. If you are planning a transplant in India, you must find out the kidney transplant cost in India before taking a step ahead.

A kidney transplant is possible only if there is a donor of healthy kidney available. The donor can either be blood-related or not related to the patient. However, most of the countries do not allow kidney transplant from an unrelated donor. Turkey and Singapore are the two countries that allow such kidney transplant from an unrelated donor.

When we talk about the kidney transplant of a foreign national, there are plenty of laws and regulations to be followed. Strict scrutiny is performed to ensure that the need for a kidney transplant is real and there is no illegal organ donation happening around.

When is Kidney transplant necessary?

Doctors would first go for certain tests to confirm the working of the kidneys in the body and based on the diagnosis, provide their decision. The doctors usually prescribe a kidney transplant to patients with stage 4 or stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease. With a transplant, the life of the patient can be increased.

Dialysis Vs a Kidney Transplant

Patients who are at the end stage of kidney disease are recommended to go for dialysis once, twice or even four times a week depending upon his or her condition. Dialysis ensures that the body of the patient is functioning properly and the waste products are eliminated. A kidney transplant is an alternative to the dialysis and after the transplant, the dialysis is no longer required.

As stated earlier, a kidney transplant is a very expensive procedure than dialysis. A kidney from a donor would at least last for 10-15 years but dialysis is required at regular intervals and one cannot miss even one session of dialysis. Thus, people who can afford to pay the kidney transplant cost in India, go for transplant only.

The factors that affect the cost of Kidney transplant:

1. Choice of country

The cost of the transplant would vary from country to country. kidney transplant cost in India would not be the same as the cost in the US or any other country. Thus, if you are looking forward to a budget-friendly kidney transplant, choose your country accordingly.

2. Number of dialyses required

During the pre-surgery checkups, the doctor will perform a few dialyses to keep the system intact. The complete cost of the transplant will depend upon the number of dialysis conducted before the transplant.

3. Recipient and donor parameters

The doctors will conduct a series of blood and other tests to determine if the kidney health of the donor is alright. Determining this would involve certain costs and this will be included in the cost of the treatment.

4. Chances of rejection

At times, the cost of the kidney transplant is also affected by the organ rejection by the donor. This is figured out before the surgery only.

5. Type of Donor

Many a time, a donor is not related to the patient. In these cases, the cost of kidney transplant will go higher as the donor would need an extra dose of anti-rejection medicines.

There are various other factors that can affect the cost of a kidney transplant. There are plenty of tests required before and after the procedure is done. A patient has to bear the cost of accommodation, food, travel and so on. A kidney transplant is not going to go easy on anyone. With a little patience and smart decision making, one can surely make the most of it.

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