Everything You Wanted to Know About The Alcoholic Liver Disease

Everything You Wanted to Know About The Alcoholic Liver Disease

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Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the major concerns in India people are consuming alcohol in excessive amounts which is not only affecting their personal and family lives but also affecting their health in an extremely bad way. The liver, neurological system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, muscles, and reproductive system are all affected by excessive and prolonged alcohol intake. Long-term alcohol misuse is also linked to an increased risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, food pipe, and liver which all are fatal. Hospitals dealing with Liver transplants in India state alcohol is the major reason behind liver failures and ultimately liver transplants.

What is Alcoholic Liver Disease

As discussed above, there are a lot of vital organs in our body which are severely affected by excess and prolonged alcohol intake which leads to many different diseases that are difficult to cure. In simple words, all those diseases which are caused due to alcohol intake are termed alcohol liver diseases. When a person starts to consume alcohol in a quantity that is more than his liver can break or digest, it starts to damage the liver severely and that is when the problem arises. The liver is the most vital part of the human body and as soon as the liver starts getting damaged, lots of other problems and diseases start to grow and it becomes important to save the liver either by medicines or by a transplant.

Diseases like Fatty Liver, Alcoholic hepatitis and Alcoholic cirrhosis are mostly found in people who consume excess alcohol. Fatty Liver is quite normal and could be treated easily, while the other might be fatal if not treated on time.

Symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Disease

As discussed above, Fatty Liver, Alcoholic hepatitis and Alcoholic cirrhosis are mostly found in people who consume excess alcohol and when it comes to symptoms, they arise depending on which disease the patient is suffering from out of the three mentioned.

Fatty Liver usually has no or very mild symptoms like abdominal discomfort on the right side, weakness, lethargic body and weight loss. Patients suffering from Alcoholic Hepatitis on the other hand experience fever, pain in the liver, loss in appetite and weight jaundice, nausea and vomiting. Patients with Alcoholic cirrhosis usually have to deal with symptoms like Portal hypertension (increased resistance to blood flow through the liver), Enlarged spleen, Poor nutrition, Bleeding in the intestines, Ascites (fluid build-up in the belly), Kidney failure, Confusion and Liver cancer which is usually fatal.

It must be noted that the symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Disease look similar to other health problems and the doctors in the best liver hospital in India will perform several lab tests to diagnose the exact problem based on the results

How is Alcoholic Liver Disease treated?

As discussed above, doctors take tests like MRI, Ultrasound, Liver Biopsy, CT Scan and other blood tests to confirm if the patient is suffering from one of the diseases mentioned earlier. The intensity or the stage of the disease too is confirmed by these tests which makes it easier for the doctors to treat the patient. It has been usually seen that people suffering from Alcoholic Liver Disease are at a high risk of liver cancer which is why the tests are mandatory.

When it comes to treatment, it is often seen that the liver tries to heal the damage on its own in most cases. In others, completely stopping drinking might be a relief to the symptoms and the disease. A liver transplant becomes the last option for people with liver cancer.

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