Factors That Influences Patients To Go For Knee Replacement Surgery In India

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Off late, the medical services in India have improved for good. Indians, as well as foreigners, are looking forward to a great treatment plan that is prescribed by an Indian doctor. That is why medical tourism in India has also received good attention. The Indian government is quite supportive of medical tourism and the foreigners from countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and so on are traveling to India for their treatment.

This article is going to focus on the various knee replacement surgeries being conducted in India. The country is observing plenty of applications for knee replacement surgery in India. So, what makes India one of the best places for knee replacement surgery. Let us have a look at some of the factors here:

  1. A Team of Super Specialists

So far, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal is the best knee replacement surgeon in the country. He is also the chairman of Bone and Joint Institute at Medanta Medicity located in Delhi NCR. he is the man who has performed the maximum number of knee replacement surgeries in the country with exceptional results.

There are many other specialists who perform knee replacement surgery in India like a cake walk. Some of the prominent names are Dr. Ajay Kaul, Dr. Pradeep Nambair, Dr. Yugal K Mishra and so on. They are doing exceptionally well and the patients are enjoying their services globally.

  • We own JCI Accredited Hospitals

Having the JCI approval is the gold seal for our country. Many of the health organizations in India have received the accreditation from JCI. a number of hospitals, academic medical and primary health care providers are being partnered by JCI. the hospitals such as Fortis Escorts Health Institute, Delhi NCR Apollo Hospitals, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Gleneagles Global in Chennai are some of the hospital renowned for their premium quality care.

JCI does not end its intervention after providing the initial accreditation but it keeps on checking the hospitals so that the standard of quality care is maintained. Further, it calls for a plan of action for further improvement in health care services.

  • Treatment in India is Cost-Effective

As compared to other countries such as the US, UK, and other European countries, the cost of treatment in India is less. Medical tourism in India is extremely reasonable. India is the top destination for medical tourism because the foreign patients avail the best of the medical services at very affordable rates. The cost of knee replacement surgery in India is 60% less than the charges incurred in other developed countries.


  • Language Barrier

When it comes to getting good medical treatment, communication is very important. For an effective conversation between the doctor and the patient, it is important that both the parties are able to decipher the language of each other. India is the 2nd largest English speaking country in the world and thus, it becomes very easy for the patient to communicate with the medical professionals in the English language.

  • Better Connectivity

India is well-connected to all the countries across the world. Moreover, India maintains healthy relations with other countries and this makes it very easy for the needed people to reach out to India for their treatment. Further, local transportation is very smooth and easy in India. Foreigners do not face any barriers while traveling within the country.

  • Well-trained paramedics

Last but not least, India posses exceptional paramedics staff which makes the backbone of the hospitals. The academic medical curriculum is very rigorous and the students, as well as interns, are trained in a disciplined environment. The prominent hospitals have strict criteria for selecting paramedical staff.

The above points give us a clear direction on how India is the best country for knee replacement surgery.

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