Gladys Mghoi Patient Story

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Patient Name – Gladys Mghoi

Disease Name –  Myomectomy with colostomy

ChallengesI am from Mombasa, Kenya. I am a patient who has been suffering from last 12 years with Myomectomy & Colostomy. It was so difficult for me at the initial level even I don’t know it will going to success or not. I wanted to become a mother for all those year but I couldn’t because of the complication.

Treatment We ProvidedI have met Ms. Sheetal from Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd., she was able to assist me by referring me to Dr. Jayesh Amin.

Ms. Sheetal

advice me throughout my IVF Treatment in India and also help me for preparing my visa to WINGS Hospital, Ahmadabad, India at where I was hospitalized and surgery has been done. 

Result – Now surgery has been done successfully, Livonta Global walk with me through the journey. I have lots of hope & Lots of faith because surgery & everything is done satisfactory and very successfully for now & headache is gone. I wish everybody well who wish to become a mother. Once again thanks to Livonta Global & WINGS Hospital.

I write this testimonial to the rest of the peoples who might be suffering similar to mine because they got the hope to become a mother.


   Patient Story

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