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Every organism on this earth is made up of cells and the cell replicates itself as a result to grow to a bigger organism. We only can call a thing a living thing only when it has cells in it. There are many different cells in our body that are responsible for doing many different things. 

Cells are a very complex thing for researchers and scientists to study completely. Every cell has different responsibilities depending on its location in the body. As far as researchers understood, there are a few differences that you see in detail as we move on further to read this blog:

Let us continue without wasting any further time and know how cancer cell is different from normal cell:

Life Span

Let us talk about the lifespan of a cell. Lifespan of cancer cells is different from the normal cells. These cells have uncontrolled growth and can spread to other areas of the body. 

Cell Shape

Study shows that cancerous cells are of different shapes and sizes. They grow in an unorganized shape and size. Whereas, normal cells are identical and grow in uniform manner, shape and size (depending on the type of cells). 


It was really confusing for cancer cells to understand the signals message given by other surrounding cells (to grow further or not), thus creating problems of an uncontrolled growth, creating a tumour. Whereas, the communication between two or more normal cells is very clear.  

Cell Repair

It is surprising to see that cancer cells do not go with the flow as normal cells do. Cancer cells do not die or repair or undergo the natural process as normal cells do. Cancer cells do not kill themselves. 


When seen from a microscope, cancer cells are very much different from other normal cells. Not only in form of shape and size but also in maturity level. It is said that the cancer cells divide and multiply quickly and before it even gets fully mature and  as a result remain immature.

Escape Immune system

This is interesting to see that some cells escape the immune system. One of its functions is to control the cells to grow beyond its limit. But on the other hand cancer cells are tricky for the immune system to suppress. What happens is when a normal cell reaches its maximum growth Immune system finds it out and removes it and kills it before it divides. Whereas, on the other hand, cancer cells evade because of the fact it divides itself before even reaching its full growth. Thus, it becomes difficult for the immune system to find out these cells and thus grow further to develop a tumour in the body and affecting other parts of the body. 

Tissue Repairment 

Tissues need to be repaired when it is needed. Therefore, cells in our body act to perform the function of regulating and transferring blood from blood vessels to blood tissue to repair it from damage. However, the cancer cells do not perform in the right manner. Cancer cells allow cells to grow even when it is not necessary for the cell to grow. This process is called Angiogenesis. 

I hope these differences will allow you to differentiate the normal cells from the cancerous cells. However, cancer treatment in India has grown exponentially recently in these years. 

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