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Cancer of the lungs is one of the most deadliest and painful diseases that can happen to anybody and becomes very difficult to treat if detected in the later stages. Most of the patients get confused with the symptoms of lung cancer with the general symptoms they face in their day-to-day lives which is why they do not get themselves tested in the earlier stages. This is the reason why the best cancer hospitals in India recommend regular health checkups for lung cancer specially for the people who are heavy smokers.

Apart from all the medications and tests you go through, you need to change your lifestyle in order to increase the chances of survival if you are suffering from lung cancer. Some of the tips that will definitely help you are given below

Be Socially Active

It has been observed that being active socially and being in touch with people you love actually motivates you to live increasing chances of your survival. So, get in touch with people, join communities and groups related to cancer patients and survivors and you will notice a big change in your health

Keep yourself away from Depression

Remember, no cancer treatment in India can save you if you are depressed and don’t  want to survive so depression must be avoided at any cost. Be hopeful towards life, cheer up, meet new people and you will never be depressed and increase your chances of survival in lung cancer

Take Psychological Consultations

If you are feeling depressed which is very common in the advanced stages of lung cancer, you can ask your cancer hospital for a psychological and physical consultation. Many social workers do this in various hospitals and it works wonders for many patients by increasing their lifespan considerably

Ignore Negativity and Unnecessary Sympathy

In this stage of your life, some people might be your critic blaming your lifestyle for the disease while some may be over-sympathetic for your current health. You need to ignore both these things and focus on survival. Just do not deviate from your healthy lifestyle and everything will be fine.

Keep a Check on Blood Clots

It has been observed by the doctors that blood clots in legs can travel to lungs which can be fatal for lung cancer patients. This happens rarely but you need to be alert for any symptoms of clotting.

Follow Healthy Diet

One of the best ways to increase your chances of survival during lung cancer is to follow a healthy diet as prescribed by your doctor. Healthy food will help the damaged tissues of your lungs to rebuild increasing your survival chances to maximum

Exercise as much as you can

Exercising a little (as much as your body allows) will definitely boost up your immunity and make you feel energetic the whole day. There is no harm in doing little exercise as prescribed by your doctor as it will heal other problems of your body too making you healthier

Stop Smoking 

If you do not stop smoking even after getting affected by lung cancer, nobody in the earth can save you as it is like a suicide before death. Stop smoking immediately as soon as you are aware of your health condition so that the damaged lung tissues can regain strength.

Listen to Yourself

Many people will give you hundreds of pieces of advice for different doctors, hospitals etc but you will have to trust yourself and make the decision so that you don’t have to regret anything later. Just listen to yourself and get going. Everything would be fine soon

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