Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Lung Cancer Treatment

Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Lung Cancer Treatment

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Cases of lung cancer are reported all across the globe. It is described as a type of cancer that starts in the lungs and most frequently affects smokers. Although cigarette smoking is often looked at as the primary reason for lung cancer, non-smokers account for 25% of cases reported globally. The patients are often over 60 years of age. Compared to other cancer types, lung cancer ranks among the top killers in the globe.

During the advanced stage of cancer, there can be symptoms such as coughing up blood (even a small amount), hoarseness, pain in the bone, weight loss, and difficulty in breathing. If there are any of the mentioned symptoms, do not delay getting the advanced cancer treatment in India.

There are two primary cancer types:

  • small cell lung cancer
  • non-small cell lung cancer

They are all treated differently because of their individual differences. Thanks to developments in medical technology, there are numerous cancer treatments available today.

Innovative Lung Cancer Treatments

There have been numerous innovative approaches to better cancer treatment thanks to scientific developments and the launch of new medications. In the best cancer treatment in India, the following steps are followed depending on the condition of the patient –


Similar to how antibiotics work, immunotherapy medications stimulate the immune system to combat malignant tumours. The idea is to use the body’s immune system to fight cancer without causing any damage to the healthy cells. New immunotherapy drugs have been created in recent years to prevent cancer cells from hiding or suppressing the immune system.


Biomarkers are genetic changes in tumour DNA that can speed up the diagnosis of lung cancer and improve the course of treatment. Many oncologists in India think that lung cancer has a better prognosis if it is detected earlier. With the use of biomarkers, medicine is moving toward a precision-driven strategy that tailors treatment to the particular requirements of each patient. In-depth biomarker analysis uses diagnostic procedures to examine tumour cells from a biopsy sample and identify particular surface markers on cancer cells.


Over the past ten years, a variety of cutting-edge robotic surgery techniques have become more popular as risk-free and efficient replacements for conventional surgical operations. Doctors can now complete more sophisticated treatments with fewer and smaller incisions thanks to the size reduction and increased efficiency of robotic technology, especially in recent years. As a more sophisticated kind of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, several surgeons have switched to robotic systems (VATS). Though it is still in its infancy, robotic technology in the realm of medicine holds a lot of promise.

The other common treatment options for lung cancer include –


Surgery remains one of the most effective ways to treat cancer in its early stages. The best method for treating lung cancer patients is to remove the tumour itself and any damaged tissues. Depending on the tumor’s location, the patient’s medical history, and the surgeon’s approach, different surgical procedures could be used. Robotic surgery and Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) or VATS lobectomy can both be performed often by qualified thoracic surgeons.

Radiation Therapy

This type of targeted therapy involves bombarding the cancer cells with high-energy X-rays, which kill the cancer cells. It could be used in conjunction with chemotherapy as a secondary treatment or even as the main course of action. Although this type of therapy has the potential for serious adverse effects, it has been shown to be the most successful.


Chemotherapy is the application of medications to stop the spread of cancer cells. They could enter the blood directly through an IV line or with a catheter, a tiny tube inserted into a significant vein. Chemotherapy’s primary disadvantage is that it affects both healthy cells and malignant cells.

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