It’s Time To Acquire Some Knowledge Regarding Liver Transplant

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The liver is a pivotal and one of the largest abdominal organs of your body. The liver performs a plethora of functions including removing toxins from the blood, producing bile, processing nutrients, hormones, & medications, making proteins, and many more. Thus, a healthy liver is essential if you want to improve your longevity.

What is a Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant or a hepatic transplant is a surgical process by which your diseased or injured liver is removed completely or partly. This surgery is conducted when your liver stops working normally. In a liver transplant, your unhealthy liver is usually replaced with a healthy liver from a donor. This donor can be a living or deceased person. Liver transplant is a last-resort measure when your liver stops working utterly. This surgery can not only save your life but also encourages you to live a healthy and robust life.

When Do People Need a Liver Transplant?

A doctor recommends liver transplant when other treatments are not sufficient to keep the patient alive.

Cirrhosis: Cirrhosis is the prime reason for liver transplant in adults. Causes of cirrhosis are

1. Chronic Hepatitis B/C
2. Excessive alcohol use
3. non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
4. Autoimmune diseases
5. Liver cancer combined with cirrhosis
6. Genetic disorders which are affecting the liver
7. Diseases that are affecting the bile ducts (Biliary atresia)

Types of Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant Surgeries are Commonly Two Types.

1.Deceased Donor Transplant

Most of the time livers for transplant come from patients who have just died, and they are known as deceased donors. In this type of transplant, surgeons usually remove and replace your diseased or injured liver with the donor’s healthy liver.

2.Living Donor Transplant

Sometimes a person can donate a part of his or her liver to a family member who is recommended for liver transplantation. During a living donor transplant surgery, a surgeon usually removes a part of living donor’s liver and replace it with your injured liver. Living donor transplantation is less common as compared to deceased donor transplantation.

Liver Transplant Risks and Complications

The prime risk of the operation is transplant failure. Sometimes a patient’s body rejects the new liver due to an unknown cause. Other complications are,
1. Bleeding
2. Blood clots
3. Damage to bile ducts

How Much Does a Liver Transplant Cost?

A paediatric liver transplant cost is nearly 12-15 lakhs.
A liver transplant for an adult can be ranged from 20-25 lakhs.
A patient needs 8-10,000 per month for lifetime immunosuppression

What are The Best Hospitals For a Liver Transplant?

From the past 38 years, medical experts are performing liver transplant surgeries around the world and are helping them to resume their normal activities. India is a well-known country for liver transplant surgeries. The country is crammed with many hospitals which give the best liver transplant treatment in India. Best liver transplant hospitals in India are

1.Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

This is one of the leading hospitals which provide the best liver transplant treatment in India. The hospital has adequate infrastructure along with a talent pool of specialist doctors who will help you in your liver transplant surgery.

2. Narayana Hrudayalaya Malla Reddy Hospital

This is another prominent hospital in India which gives adequate support and facilities for a liver transplant.

3. Artemis Hospital

This is a pre-eminent hospital in Gurgaon which is crammed with all kinds of liver transplant treatments and procedures in the country.

4. BLK Super Speciality

This hospital has already inscribed its niche in the field of liver transplant and provides quality healthcare to the people at affordable prices.

5. Global Hospital

Gleneagles Global Hospital is a renowned name in the field of medical science and this hospital provides the best quality liver treatment to the patients.

6. Max Hospital

Another name which strikes in the mind of people when they are planning for liver transplantation is Max Hospital. This hospital provides liver transplant and other medical treatments to the patients so that they can get back to their normal lives

7. Apollo Health City, Ahmedabad

This hospital is one of the top-notch hospitals which provides extensive support and care for liver transplant surgeries.

Why LivontaGlobal for Medical Treatment in India?

Livonta Global is a prominent name in the field of medical tourism who provides assistance to the patients especially to the foreign patients who embrace India for their treatment. Livonta Global is tied up with some of the best liver transplant hospitals in India. These hospitals provide the top-notch and the best liver transplant treatment in India.

If you are recommended for liver transplantation, you should get in touch with Livonta Global for their medical assistance and services.

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