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The surgical procedure for replacing a damaged liver with a healthy one is called liver transplantation. The commonly used process of removing the Liver organ and replacing it with a donor organ in the original anatomic position is named as the Orthotopic Liver transplantation which sometimes becomes the ultimate solution for various chronic liver diseases. Transplanting the Liver can become a life-saving operation for the people suffering from acute liver diseases. Medical tourism has also contributed to the increase in successful liver transplantation treatments, a lot. There are many other medical conditions which demand a liver transplant treatment in India, like:

Liver Transplant Treatment in India - Livonta Global

1. Cirrhosis or End-Stage Liver Disease (ESLD) is the most common reason for transplantation of liver.2. In adults, hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus can damage the liver.3. Alcohol can lead to liver failure.4. Diseases like diabetes, which involve high cholesterol and fat level, are prevalent in India. They damage the liver to a great extent and are the primary reasons for liver transplant treatment in India.Children may also sometimes need transplantation of liver due to metabolic disorders where the liver is unable to secrete all the necessary enzymes.
Liver transplantation in India has become really preferable and successful due to easy and excellent facilities available in the healthcare institutions. With renowned national and international surgeons coming in, medical tourism has also advanced in India and has helped it emerge as one of the best centers for Organ transplant. With almost 90% success rates and that too at a much cheaper rate than the west, India has made a name for itself in the organ transplant sector.
The government of India also issues the medical visas to all those who wish to avail the world-class facilities of the country for their organ transplant. This is why,, a renowned name in the field of Medical tourism services, is working towards a more robust and healthier future, by offering high-class, cost-effective and reliable services to the needy for liver transplant treatment in India. 
The cost of transplanting the liver in India is found to be very reasonable, including the treatment and high standard of facilities being offered to the patients.

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