Medical tourism in India backs the growing demand for IVF treatment.

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India has developed as one of the top notch destination to provide quality treatment at an affordable cost. India scores high on many aspects including patient satisfaction and people do not mind travelling abroad to avail the same.
With Indian Medical Facilities improving in recent times, growing compliance with international quality standards, Availability of latest medical technologies and highly trained& qualified medical professional, all at a fraction of the cost is leading to India being one of the leading Medical Tourism destinations.

Infertility – is becoming a mounting worry across all countries in the world. In recent times, work life balance, poor lifestyle, work related stress and poor food habits are leading to increased cases of infertility. 
The in Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is one of the oldest medical treatments provided under the Medical tourism in India. The highly developed medical infrastructures at the IVF clinics are considered one of the best in the World. Way back in the year 1978, India was ranked second in the world for performing an IVF treatment effectively.
Currently, India is rising to be the most favoured destination for Medical Tourism.
The main reasons people choose India for infertility treatment are, 

  • Exceptional Hospitality and cultural acceptance. 
  • Availability of the most modern technology.
  • Accessibility to alternative medicine, like Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga.
  • High tech infrastructure in Hospitals / Clinics.
  • Private Healthcare.
  • Highly proficient and accomplished doctors.
  • Special dietary advice for medical tourists.
  • Exclusive section or wing for patients from other countries.
  • Insignificant waiting period allowing patients to receive immediate treatment within a few hours following arrival.
  • Highly compassionate and trained medical staff.
  • Combination of healthcare and leisure time.
  • Provides an environment allowing quick recovery.
  • English Speaking Staff andTranslators for many other Languages

Livonta, Medical Tourism Services in India has the widest tie ups with Multi and Super-speciality Hospital and clinics for IVF treatments and provides a wide range of services to suit the individual needs of couples to the best medical facility at affordable packages.

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