Medical Tourism In India Is Getting Better And Bigger

Medical Treatment In India Is Getting Better And Bigger

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You believe it or not, India is becoming a popular destination for medical tourism across the world. Not only the medical facilities are affordable as compared to the other countries but the quality of the services are improved manifolds.

We are witnessing a growing number of tourists flocking towards our country to avail the best medical treatment. The number of people reaching India is increasing year by year and our medical experts are complimenting their visit by providing the best medical facilities. This is the reason for the growth of medical treatment in India. We say that the medical facilities in India are quite cheaper as compared to other western regions such as the US, UK, Europe and so on because our country has been earning good revenue from its medical tourism from the last four to six years.

Moreover, the NITI Ayog (National Institute of Transforming India) has identified medical tourism as a major source of revenue for our country. As per a recent by FCCI, the medical treatment in India caters to 18% of the global medical market and it is further estimated that India’s medical tourism is going to increase to 20% by the end of 2020. The report also noted that India is enjoying better credibility in prevention, wellness, and provision for alternative medications.

In the year 2017, the total number of patients traveling from international boundaries to India was 4.95 Lakhs. The maximum number of patients traveled from Afghanistan and Bangladesh. As per the estimation, 2.21 lakhs of patients traveled from Bangladesh. The number is rising each year and we are going to witness a further rise in the years to come. The other countries who are taking benefit of the medical treatment of India are Sudan, Iraq, Oman, Maldives, Yemen, Uzbekistan and so on.

Reasons why India is one of the top destinations of medical tourism across the world

No doubt that India is one of the fastest growing medical destinations around the world. The growth to mark higher in the days to come. India is providing an option of receiving tertiary medical treatment and this is very beneficial for those who cannot avail the same in their homeland. We are here with the following factors that make India an ideal destination for medical tourism in the world:

1. Medical treatment in India is much affordable as compared to what is present in countries like the US and the UK.

2. Getting an Indian visa for medical tourism is easier and convenient.

3. The access to the best facilities in our country is what is driving more and more patients towards India. The turn around time is very quick.

4. Although India is a developing country, our medical experts provide world-class and top-notch medical services with the help of latest and innovative medical technologies.

5. Post the medical treatment, the patients are given the opportunity to heal their bodies and souls with the help of naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.

6. The medical tourists can avail the opportunity to witness the enthralling natural beauty of our land.

7. India possesses some of the great doctors who have the right skills and expertise to treat various patients. One more factor that attracts patients from the world is that fluent English speaking doctors in our country. The foreign nationals know that communication is smooth while they can speak in English with the doctors, the local guides and even the medical staff.

The medical treatmen in India is definitely on a boom and it is going to get better and better.

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