Oral Cancer And Treatment Measures

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Oral cancer is a silent and deadly disease that usually claims a chunk of lives every year. In India, every year, one million people used to die from oral cancer. Oral cancer is not any rare malignancies, but if it is not diagnosed or treated early, then this can lead to death. Oral cancer is a cumulative word that includes various types of cancerous or uncontrolled growth of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and pharynx (throat).

At first, this type of cancer is painless and thus, you may ignore the initial symptoms. But later you may develop some more prominent signs and symptoms like burning, tenderness, and inflammation in the oral cavity. You may also experience some problems while chewing, swallowing, and moving the mouth. After some times, a sensation is described as an obstruction in the throat or a persistent sore throat.

Many people often ignore cautions like “smoking causes cancer” or “excessive alcohol consumption is injurious to your health”. Their unrestrained habit of smoking and drinking may lead to cancer in different parts of the body including oral cancer.

Laryngeal Cancer or Larynx cancer is a common type of throat cancer that mainly occurs at your larynx or voice box. Chewing tobacco and excessive use of alcohol consumption are the prime reasons for this kind of cancer.  In most cases, cancer begins with the squamous cells that line the inside of the larynx. And, then it gradually causes unnatural growth.

Symptoms of Laryngeal Cancer

Some of the symptoms of laryngeal cancer are

  •       A sore throat or cough that does not go away even after taking medications
  •       persistent change in your voice
  •       pain or other trouble while swallowing
  •       Ear pain (particularly one side)


Thyroid cancer is one of the most prominent cancers among neck cancer.  This type of cancer is developed by consuming excessive alcohol or smoking. This type of cancer can be further categorized into different sub-types (depending on the kinds of cells found in the tumour).

Types of Thyroid Cancers

Let’s take a look at various types of thyroid cancers.

  •       papillary thyroid cancer
  •       follicular thyroid cancer
  •       anaplastic thyroid cancer
  •       medullary thyroid cancer

You must be astonished to know that most thyroid cancers are curable if detected and treated early with medications and other treatment procedures.

The next is oesophagus cancer that is the sixth most common cancer-causing deaths throughout the world. Oesophageal cancer causes abnormal cell growth and forms a lump or tumour in the oesophagus. These abnormal cells can grow to attack nearby structures and spread abruptly to other parts of the body. Other cancers like lungs, bronchi, or trachea cancer, colon or rectum cancer, and respiratory and digestive cancers can be caused by different forms of tobacco consumption and limitless drinking.

Treatment measures

One of the prime dangers of oral cancer is that it often gets unnoticed at the initial stages. When this cancer starts to grow or cells develop, you may not feel any pain or symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended that you should have routine check-ups with your dentists or physicians who can spot those abnormalities at the very beginning. Always remember, if diagnosed early, oral cancer is extremely treatable.

As science and technology are thriving rapidly, hence many advanced treatment procedures are introduced. These treatment methods are helping a successful recovery from cancer. The mode of treatment, time of treatment, and success ratio, all depends on the stage of detection of the disease. So, consult with your doctor immediately if you have noticed any symptoms. Several new technologies, therapies, and drugs have been developed that are helping the patients to combat this lethal disease.

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