PET CT Scan imaging technique in Livonta Global

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PET CT scan is an imaging technique that combines both PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanner and CT (an X-RAY computed Tomography) scanner to take sequential images at the same time. It is an ultimate tool that can scan both the metabolic and anatomical changes in the diseased tissue or tumor in the body. The device incorporates a CT scanner molded between two PET scanners and is a revolutionary technique to diagnose dreadful tumors, Alzheimer’s, and heart diseases at initial stages.

PET CT Scan imaging technique in Livonta Global.

The process will last for about 30 minutes and involves injecting a dose of glucose mixed with a radioactive isotope, usually fluorine (FDG), into the patients’ veins before starting the scan. The combined technologies of PET and CT scans will provide the physicians with clear imagery of both the abnormal cellular activities and the size&location of the tumor in the patients’ bodies. Various diagnostic procedures such as radiation therapy, surgical planning, cancer staging and oncology are migrating fast towards PET-CT scan from conventional PET scans because of its cost-effectiveness and immense advantages in diagnosing benign and malignant tumors. 
PET/CT Scan in India for Medical Tourists: In the past few years, Medical tourism in India is growing at a fast pace. The apparent reasons are low-cost diagnosis and treatment, availability of latest medical facilities,doctors with long-time experiences and high success rates,easy travel and visa policies, and no language barrier. All these benefits attract a large number of medical tourists across the Globe. 
Theprimary criterion to be fulfilled for medical tourists is that of visa approvals. Visa requirements vary for different Countries; for instance, a visa is a must for East African tourists before they arrive in India. However,Livonta Global Pvt. Ltd. is all set to meet the unique requirements of the patients. From getting visa invitations to accommodation arrangements, this agency has it all.Patients who are seeking PET/CT scan services and other follow-up treatments can contact ‘Livonta Global Medical Tourism Services.’ without any second thoughts.Livonta Global has partnered with some of the top hospitals in India and assists the patients in choosing the best fit for their needs. 


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