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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer spread among men. Most doctors would suggest patients of above the age of 50s to discuss the pros and cons of prostate cancer. This would make patients and people, in general, more acquainted with the facts and help in living a better life. What the prostate gland does is secretes fluid that helps in the formation of sperm and transport.

Most prostate cancer grows slowly on your prostate gland and harms less. And, most prostate gland cancers are not serious and can get treated with minimal treatment or no treatment at all. However, some prostate gland cancers are very serious and need immediate help from the doctors to get it treated as it grows aggressively and spreads quickly.

Prostate gland begins when the cancerous cells start to grow uncontrollably inside the gland, making it larger in size than normal.

What are the symptoms the patients could expect from the prostate gland cancer is:

Trouble in urinating
Decrease in urine stream
Blood in the urine
Blood in semen
Abrupt pain in bones
Erectile dysfunction

There is no way that patient will panic, however, that does not mean that you can not cope with this problem. Patient can take various and necessary measures to prevent from happening prostate gland cancer:

Eating healthy fruits and vegetables can prevent prostate gland cancer. As these vegetables and fruits contain the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to fight cancer in your body.

Keeping in the habit of exercising a week is a good chance that you can cope up with occurring cancer in your prostate gland. Exercise can improve your overall health, and keep you in a good mood.

Choose healthy food over supplements as it allows your body to react in a natural way more than in an artificial way with the body. The more natural intake the healthier your body becomes to fight any harmful things in the body.

If your current weight is unusual or not maintained. Try to reduce it by doing daily exercises and eating healthy items that are rich in nutrients and vitamins. More exercise will reduce the number of calories in your body and help create a healthy weight.

Prostate screening test is the first step that patients should take into consideration, which includes:

DRE – Digital Rectal Exam, in which doctors insert lubricated gloves to examine your prostate conditions.

PSA Test – Prostate Specific Antigen that allows doctors to study and analyse blood drawn out from veins and other substances that are naturally produced by your prostate gland to check prostate infection or any kind of abnormality.

If your doctor diagnosed aggressive behaviour in your prostate gland then he may suggest you for check-ups to get on a conclusion that gland starts to show cancer or not:

MRI – It can give the doctor a detailed picture of your prostate gland, thereafter, help the doctor to remove unwanted tissues from your gland.

Ultrasound – This method uses sound waves to create an appropriate picture to present for the doctors of your prostate gland to find out the case.

Collecting prostate tissue – To get the real picture of whether a patient is having cancer in its prostate gland is checked by collecting cell samples in gland tissue.

To determine if cancer has grown to the amount where it needs treatment is by taking a few more tests:

Bone scan
CT Scan
MRI Scan
PET Scan

Not every person needs these tests to successfully determine if cancer exists or not, some need only a few tests. This test will help doctors to ensure your cancer at which stage.

After the treatment team of doctors has decided by examining your cancer stage, it will provide what options are available for you to treat your cancer. This is very important before you make up your mind or decide to take any steps, discuss with your doctors. Doctors can then decide to give you support service which can be an important part of your care.

Cancer treatment in India has now grown to a level where it can compete with other cancer hospitals in the world by using the latest technology, making it easy for them as well as for patients to overcome prostate gland cancer. For more help, you can visit or contact us at We can help you provide the best cancer hospitals in India that have specialised and experienced doctors that can take care and help you get out of this situation and can lead you to live a happy life, again.

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