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Proton beam therapy is an advanced radiation therapy that uses high-energy beams to treat and destroy tumours. Proton therapy is a new-fangled radiation therapy that uses energy from positively charged particles called protons. Proton therapy offers a great promise in treating several types of cancer. This therapy is advantageous over traditional therapy because of fewer side effects. In this therapy, doctors can better control where the proton beams deposit their energy. Many reputed and best cancer treatment hospitals in India offer proton beam therapy treatment to treat and destroy cancer cells.

What is Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy is a form of radiation therapy that is designed to destroy cancer cells and noncancerous tumours. Instead of X-rays, this therapy uses proton particles to kill malignant cells. You can use this therapy alone or in combination with other treatment methods like surgery or chemotherapy. This therapy is used to treat cancer, including

  •       Brain tumours
  •       Breast cancer
  •       Cancer in children
  •       Eye melanoma
  •       Oesophageal cancer
  •       Head and neck cancers
  •       Liver cancer
  •       Lung cancer
  •       Pituitary gland tumours
  •       Prostate cancer
  •       Sarcoma
  •       Tumours in the spine
  •       Tumours in the base of the skull

What are the Benefits of Proton Therapy?

Since the proton beams do not infiltrate beyond the tumour, proton therapy minimizes the risk of treatment-related side effects. This therapy causes minimal damages to normal tissues. Sometimes, proton therapy uses a higher radiation dose to the tumour, maximizing the chance of abolishing it.

The Risks Associated with Proton Therapy

Since the cancer cells die, thus, proton therapy causes side effects. But in this therapy, doctors can better control where proton therapy releases its highest concentration of energy, thus the side effects are minimal as compared to conventional radiation therapy. Some common side effects of proton therapy are,

  •       Fatigue
  •       Mouth, eating and digestion problems
  •       Strong headaches
  •       Hair loss around the part of your body being treated
  •       Skin redness, rashes, or dry skin
  •       Soreness around the treatment site of the body



Proton therapy is expensive as compared to traditional X-rays. The cost is near about Rs.25-30 lakh for the entire course.

How do You Prepare for this Treatment?

Before planning for proton therapy, your health care team will explain everything regarding this treatment. They will also ensure that the proton beam reaches the exact spot in your body where it is needed.

  • Determining the best position for you during treatment: Before starting the treatment, the radiation therapy team will find a comfortable position for you during treatment. For this, you need to sit on a table that will be used during the treatment. Cushions and restraints are used so that you can sit comfortably and hold till the end. The team will mark the particular area of your body that will receive the radiation.  Planning the path of the protons with imaging tests: The expert team will conduct magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized tomography (CT) scans to determine which area of your body should be treated and how best to reach it with the proton beams.

During the Treatment

The duration of proton therapy treatment is nearly 30-45 minutes from the time you enter the treatment room to the time you leave. 

  • A proton therapy machine that rotates around you: If you are receiving proton therapy with a machine (called a gantry), you need to sit on a table. The machine will rotate around you to direct proton beams at targeted places on your body.
  •  A proton therapy machine that doesn’t move: If you receive proton therapy with a fixed-beam machine, the table where you are positioned will move and the proton therapy machine will remain immobile.

After Proton Therapy

Once your treatment is finished, you are free to go. Initially, the side effects are fewer but gradually you may experience fatigue which means you need to put more energy into accomplishing your daily activities. You may also experience other side effects like rashes in the area where the proton beams are directed.

Your doctor may recommend going for imaging tests after or during the treatment to determine how your cancer is responding to the proton beam therapy.

The prime advantages of proton therapy are reduced side effects and minimal chance of damage to surrounding organs or tissues. That’s why this therapy is an option worth discussing with an oncologist.

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