Recovery Tips For Kidney Transplant Patients

Recovery Tips for Kidney Transplant Patients

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With hectic lifestyles and diseases like hypertension and diabetes, the rise in kidney related issues have risen significantly in the past 15 years. Kidney is a vital organ in the human body without which a human being cannot survive and if there is something wrong with the kidney, the patient has to immediately consult a doctor. A major surgical procedure called a kidney transplant replaces a damaged kidney with a new, healthy kidney from a donor. Patients whose kidneys have stopped functioning for any reason undergo the Best kidney transplant in India. The patient will need to adhere to strict aftercare instructions in order to recover quickly after the transplant. We will discuss some recovery tips for kidney transplant patient so that they can recover quickly after the procedure

Keep the wounds dry

As directed by your doctor, you should take a bath during the healing process from surgery. Wash the surgery area gently, then use a towel to dry the wound. Apply a new bandage as instructed. Do not irritate the stitches by applying pressure. You need to keep the wounds clean and dry for few days until they are healed completely

Never miss any follow-up visits

In order to assess the functioning of the transplanted kidneys, your doctor will need to keep an eye on a number of factors. During your follow-up visits, your medication or dosage may be changed. Always ask your doctor when the next follow-up will be and make sure not to miss it because kidney transplant in India is very complex and you must take precautions.

Take medicines on time

Take the medications exactly as your doctor has instructed. Do not take twice the recommended dose if you miss any doses. Keep taking your meds as usual. Call your doctor if any of the medications are not working as well as intended. If necessary, your doctor may adjust the medicine or dosage.

Eat and drink as per the doctor’s advice

Your post-surgery nutritional requirements also change. This promotes quick healing and deters infections. Observe the dietary recommendations that your dietician has given you. Consume adequate non-alcoholic fluids daily

Keep your habits clean

Reduce your alcohol consumption because some drugs and alcohol can combine and have undesirable consequences. Avoid smoking since it can damage your kidney transplant. You benefit both yourself and those around you by doing this. Keeping your habits clean would definitely help your body to recover quickly and get healthy as before.

Always be alert for unusual signs that your body gives

Call your doctor right away if you notice any indications of rejection, such as soreness around the transplanted kidney’s location, less urine flow than usual, unexpected weight increase, etc. In order to temporarily address it, the anti-rejection medication dosage may be increased.

Keep all necessary medical parameters under check

Maintain control of any coexisting illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. According to your doctor’s instructions, you should routinely check your blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Take proper rest for a few days

Driving is advised to be avoided for at least two to three weeks after a kidney transplant. You must frequently rest. Additionally, you ought to stay away from crowded areas and too much sun.

Exercise as per doctor’s advice

Your physical therapist will instruct you on specific exercises to help you rebuild your strength. Walking is the best thing you can do every day. For at least six months following surgery, you shouldn’t engage in demanding activities like carrying heavy objects. Avoid doing hard sports because they raise the possibility of injury.

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