Should you be screened for oral cancer?

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Many people often shelve their routine dental check-ups simply because of an intrinsic fear of dentists and all equipment that are strewn around at the dental clinic. If you add screening for oral cancer into the mix and the fear will enhance manifold. But if you know what an oral cancer screening exam is and what happens during the exam, then it may dispel some of those fears. If you are planning for an oral cancer screening, consult with Livonta Global as it is partnered with many reputed hospitals that offer the best oral cancer treatment in India. Before that, let’s take a look at an oral cancer screening exam.

What is an oral cancer screening exam?

Oral cancer screening is an examination that is performed by a deft dentist/doctor to look for signs of oral cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth.

The prime goal of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early. Early detection can improve your chance for a cure.

Most dentists usually conduct an examination of your mouth during a routine dental visit to screen for oral cancer. But some may use additional tests to identify the areas of abnormal cells in your mouth.

What it’s done during an oral screening exam?

Though the objective of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer or precancerous abrasions that may lead to mouth cancer at an early stage, no studies have claimed that oral cancer screening can save lives. That’s why many cancer organizations don’t recommend an oral exam for oral cancer screening.

People with a high risk of oral cancer may get benefits from oral cancer screening. Factors that may enhance the risk of oral cancer include:

  •       Tobacco (any kind), including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff, among others
  •       Unlimited use of alcohol
  •       A previous oral cancer diagnosis
  •       History of significant sun exposure that may enhance the risk of lip cancer
  •       People who are suffering from HPV (human papillomavirus)

The number of patients diagnosed with mouth and throat cancers has been increasing over the last few years. In the USA, nearly 45,000 people are suffering from oral cancer every year, resulting in approximately 8,000 deaths per year.


Oral cancer screening examination has some limitations including,

Oral cancer screening may lead to additional tests

Many people have sores in their mouths, but most of these sores are non-cancerous. An oral exam may not determine which sores are cancerous and which are not.

If your dentist identifies an uncommon sore, he will ask for further testing to determine its cause. The only way to identify whether you have oral cancer or not is to remove some abnormal cells and test them for biopsy.

Oral cancer screening can’t detect all mouth cancers

By looking at your mouth, a doctor may not be able to detect areas of abnormal cells in your mouth. So, a small cancer or precancerous lesion may go undetected.

Oral cancer screening hasn’t been proved to save lives.

There is no clear evidence that routine oral examinations may reduce the signs of oral cancer and thereby, the deaths caused by oral cancer. However, screening for oral cancer is recommended, especially if you have the risks of developing cancer.

What can you expect?

During an oral cancer screening test, your dentist may look for red or white patches or mouth sores. The dentist may also check for lumps or other abnormalities. If required, he will examine your throat and neck for lumps.

Sometimes, your expert dentist may recommend some additional tests including,

Oral cancer screening dye

The abnormal cells of your mouth may take up the dye and appear blue.

Oral cancer screening light

The light makes wholesome tissue appear dark and makes abnormal tissue appear white.

If your dentist identifies any signs of mouth cancer or precancerous lesion, he may recommend a biopsy to determine whether cancer cells are present.

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